How Horse Sale Contracts can make all the difference

Horse Sale Contracts

Arguably with the use of  horse sale contracts and detailed loan agreements the majority of horror stories we hear about where individuals have sold horses that did not belong to them or where loan horses are unlawfully sold on or inappropriately cared for could have been avoided.  Rehoming goes wrong when either one of the parties involved has been dishonest,  is ignorant about their legal duty of care towards the animal or has acquired the horse in haste without thoroughly examining its performance,  health and behaviour.

Having a Horse Sale Contract confirming the Seller is indeed the legal Owner of the horse and that the horse description is accurate and true can give Buyers invaluable peace of mind and protection.   Contracts also highlight that it is the Buyer’s responsibility to adequately trial the horse for the job intended, take up the opportunity to have the horse vetted and to appreciate the Owner is not liable for any future health or performance of the horse.

Loaning a horse, even to a friend, without a tailormade agreement in place clarifying responsibility and what happens should the horse become lame or unwell can save a friendship and protect your horse.

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