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Home Check

Having a Home Check carried out by a suitably experienced, independent, experienced, horse person can be invaluable in determining and verifying the suitability of a home.

Just  because someone may may be suitably competent to ride your horse does not necessarily mean they can offer the best home for your horse.  If you are unable to visit a potential new home yourself purchase Gold Membership with Local Horse Help for £12 and we will source  individuals for you to consider who can carry out an inspection and submit a report to you on your behalf.

Our bespoke Home Check report will be given to you upon purchase of the Gold Membership of Local Horse Help.  You will have full access to all the details of those offering home check services with Local Horse Help and if there is no one in the specific area you require we will work very hard via our networks to source someone for you.

Individuals will apply for your Home Check job and you will be able to assess their experience, qualifications and agree a cost for them to carry out the check and submit the report.  You are then responsible to make payment to the home checker once their Home Check report has been submitted.