About US

At Right Horse Right Home we are passionate about transforming how people can find the right horse and indeed the right home for their horse.  Empowering those who have these long term and costly decisions to make by providing transparent information by which users can make informed choices.

Our Founder - Rebecca Evans

Rebecca, having worked in the equine charity and commercial sector for over 15 years is only too aware of the problems that result when horses end up in the wrong homes.  Having previously set up an online equine rehoming charity from concept she was driven to take lessons learned from this experience and transform how horses are sold whatever their value for the wider, more commercial sector. Right Horse Right Home was launched in April 2016 and was set to empower owners by providing them with considered online applications from buyers and loaners and not the bombardment of phone calls, messages and texts.  In return the system would provide prospective buyers with accountable, up to date and reliable information about the horses from which to make informed choices.

Rebecca has owned horses for well over 30 years, initially being a keen pony clubber and then moving into affiliated showing, predominantly of Mountain and Moorland breeds.  Her favourite breed is the Connemara pony due to its docile temperament, versatility and elegance.

Co-Director - Ken Rooney

I confess not to be a horse owner or even a particularly accomplished rider. What Rebecca brings to the table in terms horse experience, technical IT knowledge and marketing I more than make up for in business and financial experience.  I have established 6 businesses from start up and am very familiar with the pressures of establishing new businesses and the speed at which decisions need to be made in order for growth to be secured and risk to be minimised. Rebecca works incredibly hard and is visionary in what she wants to achieve. She makes use of me as a sounding board and I encourage her to remember from small acorns oak trees grow.

We meet each month to discuss strategy, forecast and development.  There are great plans for the business and I have no reason to suspect that it will be anything but a success.

 “Given the vast horse population, where supply exceeds demand, it is more important than ever to revolutionise the buying and selling of horses.  Providing a tried and tested system  that empowers the decision makers can only be a great thing for the horse.”

In June 2015 Rebecca and I formed an online equine business which was successfully sold just 2 years later.  Right Horse Right Home has gone from strength to strength selling and loaning horses throughout the UK to 5* homes and providing first rate customer support.”