Results from our feedback survey

Would Recommend Our Services 97%
Would use our services again to sell/loan or buy a horse 95%
Rate the applications they receive for their horses as "Good" or "Excellent" 92%


Kelly, owner of Connemara Fifi, sold within just 24hrs to the 1st Buyer, June 2020

I spent months advertising my pony on other well known selling sites getting nothing but time wasters and joy riders. The service at Right Horse Right Home is second to none, they are beyond helpful in every aspect and within 24 hours of my advert being up I had taken a deposit on my pony with the first viewer that saw her. I wouldn’t hesitate to advertise with them again and certainly wouldn’t waste money advertising elsewhere.

Karen who sold Dale through RHRH in June 2020

“A very reassuring way to find a new home for my pony. I can recommend using this site as it puts you in touch with suitable new owners from the outset, sifting them out from the hundreds of enquiries that you would otherwise have to deal with. And a lovely personal service if you need any help. Thank you.”

Jayne, owner of Amber who sold through RHRH in June 2020
We had several applications for Amber but settled on the perfect environment for her with Danielle who runs Eat Sleep Ride cic centre in the Scottish borders.  It runs as a normal riding school & trekking centre but also has a big focus on horses and therapy and running courses in horse care and diplomas for disadvantaged kids too.   Amber is such a total people person who love a fuss so it was just the ideal option,  we’ve had lots of videos sent of her already and they all adore her – I think she might be the yard favourite quite quickly 🙂
Thanks so much for running a great, well organised site.
Rachel, Owner of Super 1st Pony Rosie sold through RHRH in June 2020

“Having bought one of my horses through RHRH it was the only place I thought of when selling a horse. Like minded buyers and sellers wanting only the best for their horses. “

Lydia, who sold Ex Racer Parsley through RHRH in June 2020

I found this website very good at stopping time wasters and finding the correct rider for our horse. It was very good to have details on the people who wished to view him.


Chloe – Bought Stella through RHRH in June 2020

“Great experience of finding my beautiful Stella. The site provided plenty of information and the tick boxes for desirable behaviours are great. Easy to search and apply. Highly recommend.”


Jo – Sold Bissto through RHRH in June 2020

Really happy with my experience using RHRH, easy to manage my account as you have full control to take any enquiry further or choose not to, great customer care & advice before during and after. I sold my horse quickly and to a great loving home using these tools so would recommend RHRH positively.

Debbie bought Lolly through RHRH in June 2020

“We have been looking for a horse for some months and sadly missed out on one just before the lockdown. Lolly was the third horse we found and we are delighted to say we brought her home yesterday. She is lovely and seems to be exactly what we wanted.

The website is easy to use and I think the process is ideal for owners who want to ensure their horse finds the right home. I would recommend Right Horse Right Home to anyone (in fact I already have!)”

Katie – Sold Lolly through RHRH in June 2020

Thank you for your assistance in selling Lolly. RHRH is a great way to find the perfect home for your horse.

I sold her to a lady called Debby from Exmoor for her husband to ride as well they are great people she will be happy. 

Mary – Bought Earl through RHRH – June 2020

“I have used the site twice and bought 2 fantastic horses through it. I would always use this site again to buy or sell as it was very easy to use.”

Angela – Buyer of Charlie – Sold through RHRH June 2020
“A better and easier way of finding a new horse, I feel I can trust the people that are advertising.”
Hannah – Owner of Charlie – Sold through RHRH June 2020

“Easy to use, and I really liked the way potential buyers have to apply. As the seller, it really helped to gauge whether it was going to be a suitable new home before pursuing the buyer further and potentially wasting anybody’s time.”

Isabelle – Bought Sampson through RHRH – May 2020

The website was very easy to use and I felt secure throughout.

Jane – Sold Sampson through RHRH – May 2020

Lovely way to find the best of homes for your cherished equine friend. Plus, excellent support from professionals. 

Freya – Loaned Lovely TB Gelding Shea – May 2020

Very easy and effective. Great way to find a horse that is very cared for and loved by their current owner.

Louise – Buyer of Juicy – Sold in May 2020

We are very happy with our new horse!! RHRH made a difficult task much easier!

Leilah – owner of Jazz – Sold in May 2020

Thank you for your and your fantastic website’s help in finding Jazz such a perfect new home in the Cotswolds where I’m sure he will be very well loved, looked after and will have a very happy chilled out life.

Helen – owner of Rhapsody Loaned in May 2020

Have found perfect homes for both of my horses through Right Horse Right Home, would definitely recommend this site to other horse owners that are looking for that perfect home for their horse.


Alison – Owner of Mollie – Sold in May 2020

Very professional helpful and friendly service. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to sell a pony or horse.

Rita – Bought Mollie in May 2020

“Excellent service highly recommended”

Angela – Owner of Jesse – Sold her pony in May 2020

I advertised my pony Jesse on RHRH because I knew I would find the right person and the website is easy to use and they are very helpful.

Naomi – Purchased Jesse in May 2020

I had a really good experience this right horse and found the perfect pony.

Peter – Owner of Harry – Sold in May 2020

First respondent tried and bought my horse, so pleased for him, lovely new owners.

Chloe – Owner of Polly, Sold in May 2020

I was recommended Right Horse Right Home by a friend, and I am glad she did! I have sold Polly  to what will be a great home once she moves, with a lovely owner who will spend time bonding with her and continuing her training with understanding and patience. The staff at RHRH were great when I wanted to change photos and videos on her advert, and re-shared it on social media too. I would highly recommend RHRH for anybody looking for a good home for their horse.


Sam Evans – Owner of Jack – Hack / Dressage Gent April 2020

“I would definitely recommend RHRH and comparing it to the other site I have used it has made the whole process a lot easier and I believe given me the chance to find ‘the right home’ for Jack. Having applications for your horse was so useful.   “

Liza – New loaner of Harri, the 18yo Hacking Horse – April 2020

“Thanks to the Right Horse Right Home website I found an amazing Horse and Owner which has enabled me to find a new ‘best friend’ thank you.”

Helen, owner of Harri – 18yo Hacking / Fun Rides / RC Horse Loaned in April 2020

“I went with Liza in the end and he has ended up in the most fantastic home. Originally I did not want him to go more than an hour away from home but something about Liza`s application stood out and I realised the home was more important than the distance. She keeps me fully updated and he`s settled really well, I just wish I could have moved with him , her yard is fantastic”

Baily – The 17h Kindest Gentlest Giant – Sold in March 2020

“I found RHRH so easy to use. I liked the fact I could read about the enquirer before I contacted them. If my horse wasn’t suitable I could send them a message, saved wasting their time & mine. I also think the fact you have to pay to use the website, it eliminates time wasters. I feel it’s genuine people that are using the website. I found an amazing person for my boy, I couldn’t ask for a better home.”

Sharon – owner of Baily

Baily – The 17h Kindest Gentlest Giant – Sold in March 2020


“Omg this experience just made life so much easier for me and took all the stress out of buying a horse. I felt secure that the adverts were legit and honest.”

Jo – Buyer of Baily

Folly – Lovely Genuine Pony For Full Loan – Loan in February 2020
“Thank you so so much for making the process of loaning my pony so stress free from start to finish. She has found a wonderful home.”
Jen, Folly’s owner
Suzie who sold Fifi The Genuine Connemara Schoolmistress in February 2020
“I found the site extremely easy to use and was delighted with the response I received and the calibre of applicants.
In 40 years of keeping horses and obviously in that time having sold a few, it has never been so stress free as it was this time. I was pleased by all the information the applicants had to give about themselves which enabled me to sort through the list in ‘order of suitability’ which would have taken so long by phone, as was done in the past. My horse has now found her ideal home which gives me peace of mind.
Thank you and congratulations on your excellent web site.”
Fifi – Sold to Katie in March 2020

“This site and the owners clearly care about the home rather than the price. Lovely to deal with.”

Liz who sold her lovely fell pony, Ben in February 2020
“I was very impressed with my advert published by RHRH.
I had lots of applications and my beloved pony has gone to a lovely home with genuine people.
I think it’s a great idea to have applications as it does deter some time wasters and is a great way to find out about the potential buyer which provides references as well everything is done by the book so to speak with home checks and agreements offered by RHRH done in a very professional way.
I would definitely recommend them as a safe way for purchaser and seller of your precious horse”
Siri – Super Showjumping Pony Sold by Becky in February 2020

“We have sold Siri to one of the applicants that applied through your website. She’s going to a lovely new home & owners; just what we wanted for her. (All the applicants we had for her were lovely by the way) Thank you so much for the friendly support too. I will definitely recommend using you to everyone”

Kate – New owner of Ellie, Bought in February 2020

“Having searched for about 6 months via other websites and dealers with no luck. Found some suitable horses on right horse right home and found Ellie’s ad to be very genuine and accurate. She was exactly as described in her ad and I’m looking forward to enjoying my new horse! Thank you RHRH for bringing us together. I will be keeping in touch with Ellie’s current owners as they are so lovely and so pleased they are trusting me with their beautiful mare!”

Jules who sold Ellie in February 2020

“Thanks to RHRH I have found a wonderful new home for Ellie. I love the fact that I could contact prospective buyers on my own terms and view the applications before deciding who to contact. It’s also nice to know you are being contacted by genuine buyers. Selling Ellie was a very difficult decision for us but your website made the process as painless as possible. I would not hesitate to recommend the service to anyone wanting to find the right home for their horse.”

Eric – Sold to Mel in February 2020

“Really smooth process with serious buyers and sellers and a super friendly company. RHRH would always be my first port of call in the future.”

Pumpkin – Sold to Catherine in February 2020
“Very efficient and friendly “
Pumpkin – Childs Pony Club Pony Listed by Karen for Sale or Loan

“I was recommended the RHRH website by a friend and have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the site. It is easy to navigate, extremely efficient and the service allows contact with potential buyers on my terms. Any queries have been dealt with promptly and in a friendly manner. I would certainly use this site again and recommend it to friends.”

Eric – Well Schooled Allrounder For Loan / LWVTB by Liz in February 2020

“Well run web site, I received many enquiries and soon found a lovely home for my horse.”

Billy – Bought by Mary in February 2020

“The process was really simple and effective . I still can’t believe I almost didn’t apply for Billy. He is the horse of my dreams . Thank you Right Horse Right Home without you I’d never have found him.”

Billy – A Super Kind Allrounder – Sold by Rebecca in Feb 2020

“Using Right Horse Right Home enabled me to find the most suitable and appropriate home for my beloved horse.

I had applications from very decent horse people and it made a real change to feel like as a seller you could vet them as opposed to the other way around. It was also very helpful to be able to quickly and kindly reject applications that were unsuitable.

My horse has gone to the most wonderful home with a fantastic loving and experienced women and I feel safe and confident in the knowledge that I’ve done the best by him. Thank you x”

“The successful applicant was Mary from Ayrshire in Scotland. She flew down to me in Suffolk last Friday and spent the weekend with me getting to know Billy. She fell head over heels for him, rode him beautifully and he went really well for her. Her husband drove the lorry down on Saturday night and they made the 8 hour trek back up to Scotland with him on Sunday. I have heard from Mary every day this week and he has settled in a treat. She’s already planning her first outing for the season and I’m already planning a weekend away in Scotland to catch up with them both in the Spring. Thank you for all your help, using your website was amazing and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending your service to my horsey friends.”

Anya – Sold Gino the gorgeous Haflinger in Feb 2020

“A fantastic resource for buying and selling horses. I sold my horse successfully through this website and found it really helped filter out serious and genuine buyers, who had taken the time to manage their profiles.”

Geraldine who bought Gino said:

“Efficiency, Confidence and Security”

Andrea bought Teddy – Feb 2020


Karen – Sold the lovely & popular Teddy in February 2020

“Great service and have found me a fab home for my boy”

Lindsey who bought Hasbo – the 17h ISH in January 2020
“At first I was a little bit hesitant at having to set up a monthly payment and filling out an application to view the horse I wanted. But I did it and it was worth it as it was a success and I am soon to be the proud owner of a beautiful new horse. Thanks to the facebook page or I would never have known about this site, thank you!”
Marley – Superstar Eventing Schoolmaster sold in January 2020

“I would thoroughly recommend this website, I was able to see exactly what each horse had to offer, concisely and clearly. I have been looking for 7 months, and a friend recommended the website, knowing I had a specific set of requirements. It was fantastic I found Marley, who is proving to be everything we hoped for and more. I can not thank you enough. Thank you for helping me find Marley”

Fiona who bought Marley who was based in Bucks but moved him to her home in Aberdeenshire.

Dido – Sold in January 2020

“Friendly and helpful people when I called up.”

Prada – Loaned through us in January 2020

“I cannot recommend Right Horse Right Home highly enough. I was struggling with the decision to advertise my horse for loan due to a new baby and lack of time and feeling very apprehensive about the process. Cara was amazing in putting my mind at ease and discussing her own personal experience of loaning which really helped reassure me I had made the right decision and was doing what was best for my horse.
I had many high quality, lovely applicants and eventually found a perfect loan home where I hope my girl with thrive. The whole process was very easy and the quality of applicants was fantastic which I think is testament to how the site operates and screens members. It was so helpful to read detailed descriptions of each applicant before deciding which to pursue further and saved a lot of time and effort which as a busy new mum was much appreciated! Really delighted with the whole experience and would not hesitate to encourage anyone who loves their horse but needs to find them a suitable new home for whatever reason to use this service. It really does help alleviate the stress of the whole process and gives you the best possible chance to find an amazing new home for your beloved horse.”
Jack – Eventing Schoolmaster Sold to Catherine in December 2019

“Professional and reassuring”

Jack – Sold in December, owned by Danielle

 “The process was so easy, it is great to get an idea of the applicant before you make contact with them. You can pick and choose who you think sounds suitable, brilliant!”

Victoria who loaned Paddy in November 2019

“Thank you for helping us find this lovely boy!! He was the first pony we looked at and Lucy is over the moon with him!! Very efficient very impressed with the website.”

Gill Baker – New Loaner of Winnie

“Sellers/loaners know that potential buyer/loanees are genuine as you pay a membership to apply for horses. Form easy to complete and owner contacted me quickly. We were successful in our first attempt and have had Winnie for a few weeks now and couldn’t not be more pleased”

Winnie – the 11h Super First Pony Finds Loan Home – November 2019

“The website allowed us to contact potential loaners, we could view their details and contact them. The service was wonderful and it made sure that our advert was right before publishing. We found a lovely family just like us who were a little further than we wished but as soon as we met them we knew they were the right family for our pony. I would definitely use the website again in the future and recommend friends to use it.”  Elizabeth, Winnie’s owner

Jane Richards bought Daniel in December 2019

“Genuine honest adverts. Quick answers to my questions by the team.”

Alison sold Daniel in December 2019 – the handsome happy hacker

“Highly recommend using RHRH as you know that people are genuine buyers. You are able to triage applications easily giving you great sense of control. Having advertised on social media sites prior to this where you get an awful lot of tyre kickers answering everyones questions usually turns out to be a waste of time so RHRH takes all of that away.”

Petrina – Bought Danny in December 2019

“Took a while to find the right horse but worked smoothly”

Emma who loaned the lovely Child’s pony Towy out in November 2019

“I used right horse right home to find a loan home for my pony. I found I could be very honest about her with the options provided and this really helped the right people enquire after her. After a short time I had 7 enquiries and found a lovely home for her from these. If she comes back to me I will definitely use right horse right home to find her a new home again.”

Mel – who bought Grace in November 2019

“A very simple & easy process which puts finding the right home for a horse at the very heart of everything.”

Sally – Loaned the lovely Paddy out in just 2 weeks – Nov 2019

“Right Horse Right Home is brilliant!! It helps to take the stress out of a really stressful situation by allowing you to remain in control and genuinely find the home where your horse / pony will be most happy. Rebecca provides such a fantastic service and such good advice. I could not recommend it highly enough and have already done so. Thanks to Right Horse Right Home our boy has found the most perfect home and is already having fun on his next adventures.”

Linda bought Huggy-Bear in November 2019

“Very re-assuring site as I felt I was dealing with an owner that cared about their horses future home not just a dealer out to make a profit… we viewed and bought the first horse we saw through your site after 2 months of searching via other sites… he seems perfect so fingers crossed! “

Lace – Beautiful Dressage Horse – Bought by Caroline McCracken in September 2019

I cannot recommend Rebecca and Right Horse Right Home highly enough. Not only did she have listed the most perfect quality dressage horse, but she took the time to help get a viewing arranged after the owner had withdrawn the listing as she thought I would be a good match. As a result I bought the horse of my dreams, the type of horse I never thought I’d be lucky enough to own. Rebecca is totally professional, friendly, patient and knowledgeable and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her or her fabulous site. Thank you Right Horse Right Home for making dreams come true!

Grace – Beautiful Showjumper sold by Deborah in November 2019


“Great experience, the ladies were super helpful and lovely to deal with. They helped me with getting the wording right on my advert, and were so sympathetic to the fact that selling my horse was actually a heart-breaking decision.”

Winnie – the 11h Super First Pony Finds Loan Home – November 2019

“Website was easy to navigate and was great to have to only fill in form once regardless of how many horses you were interested in.” Gill

Fergie Sold to Lucy in November 2019


“Couldn’t have been better. I’d been looking for a couple of months and was a bit overwhelmed at the volume of ads and also the numbers of horses being sold by dealers without that being clear in the ad. I looked at Right Horse Right Home, saw a horse who looked like a good match for me and my daughter, contacted the owner who was lovely, went to see her, and bought her subject to vetting that evening. Two and a half weeks later she is settling into her new life with us. We are so happy to have her.”

Fergie – Sold in November 2019
“I had looked at all the usual sites to sell my horse, when a friend mentioned Right Horse Right Home. I must admit , this was a new site to me, so for a couple of weeks I kept looking at it and comparing with other sites. I was able to view wanted ads, and saw a couple that were suitable for my much loved 18yr old horse. I liked the fact that they had to pay to advertise which made them feel genuine. I put an advert on the site and within a week had several people show interest. I liked the way that you could read what they were looking for and make the decision if they were suitable as I did not want to waste anyone’s time. I am glad to say that I have found the most wonderful forever home for my girl. I would totally recommend this site.” Fiona
Luna – found a sharer in just 2 weeks – November 2019

“I have used Right Horse Right Home on two occasions and found a lovely loaner for my horse both times. It is an excellent, well run service” Luna’s Owner Gillian Sawyer

Jiggy – Sold in November 2019

“Right Horse Right Home was very easy to use, provided very prompt support from Rebecca when needed and found us the most loveliest family for our horse.”

Dinky – Sold in October 2019

“Thank you for providing a great service. My pony Dinky has found an amazing home just 20 minutes away. I didn’t have to deal with hundreds of timewasters and will definitely recommend you x ” Kate, Dinky’s old owner

Monty – Steady, Fun Allrounder and Hack Sold in October 2019

“Once I had paid the ‘sign up’ fee to Right Horse Right Home it was a very easy process. We had been looking for our perfect horse for 10 months before we found the right one on your website” Sally – new owner of Monty


Shadowfax – Stunning 17.3h Clydesdale X Found new home in October 2019

Due to Shadow’s owners health issues she felt he would benefit from a new owner to give him a confident active life. Shelley had previously owned a Shire horse and is an advanced rider looking for a horse to love and hack since having had children. Both parties are extremely happy.

“The team helped make a very difficult decision run smoothly with support and good communication, with sound advice as well.” Alexis, owner of Shadow

“Totally excellent. Fast response to questions. Easy to use.!” Shelley, new owner of Shadow

Tetley – Fabulous Child’s Pony / Lead Rein Found Loan Home in September 2019

“A well managed professional service that helped us overcome our fears in parting with our precious pony. We’ve used the service twice and have been extremely pleased with the result. Both ponies are happy and settled in the right homes for them.” Deb, Tetley’s owner

Gary used RHRH to facilitate the sale of his horse, Fox and to buy a new horse – September 2019

“Not only did you facilitate he sale of my horse to the perfect home. I’ve now bought another horse ‘Vali of Asgard’ from the lovely Sarah in Richmond.
Cannot fault your service. Both the sale of mine and the purchase from Sarah couldn’t have been easier.
Great way to find ‘genuine’ buyers/sellers
Thank you very much”

Paddy sold within a week to Shannon – September 2019

Paddy was sadly a Loss of Use for Eventing horse but still a very fun allrounder. His owner, Nadine sold him very quickly and said “Wonderful service and support. Straightforward to use. I received a number of good applicants and my horse found a wonderful home in less than a week”Shannon who bought Paddy said “The website is brilliant for ensuring that all parties are upfront and honest in terms of a horse or riders capabilities. If it wasn’t for RHRH there is no way I would have found my beautiful new boy “

Laura – New Owner of Eddie the Friesian x Gelderlander

I feel the ‘vetting’ process for both seller and purchaser is helpful and lends confidence to the whole process of commiting to your new friend with confidence and assurance that all is genuine and above board. A friend highlighted this particular horses’ advert to me. Although he was a 700 mile round trip away, after a lengthy phone conversation with his owner, we both agreed we were a good match. So I made the journey and secured a new herd member. I believe his owner is relieved he is going to the best home to suit him and I know he will fit in very well with me in his new life in Cornwall.

Laura – sold Eddie in September 2019

“Your site has helped me find Eddie the perfect home and the perfect new owner, and has made a difficult decision a lot easier for me.”

Michelle bought Max in September 2019

“I was a bit sceptical about using the site initially because I hadn’t heard of it before and didn’t know of anyone who had, so wasn’t sure if the horses advertised were actually available, however I found a horse I really liked the sound of and paid my membership fee, as a result I was invited to view the horse and bought him the same day. So my view has changed and I would definitely recommend using the site as I feel having to pay a membership means you get honest and genuine people selling genuine horses. Max has settled in really well I’m so pleased with him.”

Phil – Sold Ruby in August 2019

“Right Horse Right Home made our decision to find our horse the perfect person really easy. They are very helpful and willing to help you throughout with any questions /queries. Highly recommended”

Amanda Bought Molly in August 2019

 “I found the whole experience extremely easy and useful.”

Ruby Who Sold Bert in August 2019

“I absolutely loved the website! It made it so easy to sell him and find the right home that is very local to us. I would 100% recommend the website to anyone looking to sell or buy a horse and I have already suggested it to a friend who is selling her horse. Thank you so much this website made it so easy to find his perfect home!”

Alan – Super Allrounder Sold in August 2019

Lynsey who bought Alan said “I love this site because it puts genuine sellers and genuine buyers together – no time wasters and no tyre kickers just genuine folk who want to buy or sell a horse – simple but effective”

Alan’s previous owner Olivia said “Thank you very much for the support and website.”


Blaze – BYRDS Pony Found a Loan Home July 2019

“Really good site. Had six applications and the very last one was the one that I chose. I would recommend and I would use this site again.”

Tracey owner of Blaze

“The pony ticked every box. Was for loan not sale which is hard to find and is local to me. “

Alison, new loaner of Blaze

Spirit was sold in 3 days to one of our registered users – Katrina – July 2019

“Right Horse Right Home took all my nerves away from trying to find the right horse for myself – very honest and trustworthy people I’m over the moon with my new horse and the owner was fantastic ! So a big thank you to everyone at Right Horse Right Home”

Fran sold her super fun cob in July 2019
“A great service and a super home found for my horse.”
Helen who sold the lovely Hovis in July 2019
“The most important thing for me selling my horse was to find the right caring home and one that would be suited to my horses many qualities. It saved alot of time because I was able to narrow down the possible applicants avoiding their and my time being wasted. “
Carnstar – Sold to Claire in July 2019

“Very straight forward, easy to use”

Ruby was looking for a quieter life after being a successful endurance horse – July 2019


“Very pleased that I’ve been able to find a good home for my lovely quarter horse. Her new owner and I would never have got in touch otherwise. Good back up too from RHRH staff and I had confidence that the standard of responses would be good.”

Diana – Old owner of Ruby

Kate, Owner of Oats who was very pleased to find him a loan home – July 2019

“Very professional with top quality and genuine responders to our loan advert”

Lorraine loaned the lovely 13.2h Family pony – ‘Oats’ in July 2019

“Very easy to use and gave us a good result”
Paula – loaning the lovely Bo, a wonderful RC horse – July 2019

“We were lucky enough to click with the first owner and horse we applied to loan. Everything was straight forward and clear. The horse is now with us and although it is early days , so far it could not have gone more smoothly.”

Gary – Owner of Fox who Sold him in July 2019


“Within a day of advertising my horse was sold. Went to lovely family. Couldn’t have asked for anything better”

Jacky who has loaned Xanthus in June 2019

“Found your website by accident, spotted Xanthus who looked like just what I was looking for, contacted his owner who came straight back to me and went to see him the next day. Loved him on sight, he was exactly as stated in the advert, and fortunately his owner must have approved of me as she delivered him later in the week. We live fairly close, about 40miles , so we shall keep in touch and she will visit him frequently. So glad I found you and would recommend you to anyone looking to buy, sell or loan a horse or pony.”

Ali who bought Echo in June 2019

“Thank you Rebecca for answering the phone on the Saturday I rang when I needed help to register. Fantastic service and would most certainly recommend. I have found the sweetest horse. Thank you again. Ali x”

Francesca who found Teddy to loan on the website in June 2019

“There is a culture of honesty on this website which means the chance of finding the right horse to suit you is increased 100 fold.”

Jane who loaned her horse Teddy through us in June 2019

I would very much like to thank you and your website for the service that you provided to me.  It’s a very stressful time when some very hard decisions have to be made and I really appreciated the responses from applicants and your team being available for any questions along the way.

Kamala bought Denny in June 2019

“I found the website to be very easy to use and I also felt It provided safeguards for sellers and potential buyers/loaners as horses appear to be accurately described and their welfare is the highest priority for the owners who are advertising them. For me that meant I trusted the information in the advert and I am thrilled to have welcomed Denny at the weekend – he is the most perfect horse and I am grateful to his previous owner for trusting me to take him on.”

Mollie – Sold Denny in June 2019

Excellent service, very efficient and helpful staff. I found a lovely home for my horse and I had a lot of applicants who were compatible with my horse and the type of person I was looking for.

Sioban found a loan home for her mare Revel in June 2019

Revel is a beautiful homebred Oldenburg mare and her owner came to us to look for a hacking / dressage home for her.

“Very happy with my experience with Right Horse Right Home, professionally run and helpful.”

Paula who has loaned Revel said “Fantastic service, quick and professional”

Kathryn Loaned Poppy in June 2019

Poppy was described as a 16.3h Potential Competition Horse for Full Loan – She received numerous applications and her owner, Kathryn sent us this testimonial:

“Thanks so much for your help with rehoming Poppy. You made it painless and safe for all.
I will be sure to recommend you and if I need (hopefully not) I will certainly be back.”
Lisa who has loaned Pudding in June 2019

“Within days we had found a horse, visited the yard and pretty much decided to loan her! “

Karen from Jersey who bought Cion – June 2019

“We bought the first horse we actually went to see! Not as irresponsible as it might seem, we just have been looking for a long time & knew exactly what we wanted & needed.”

Cion sold in June 2019

“Finding the right person to buy my horse was of upmost importance so being able to receive applications from prospective purchasers meant I could choose who was suitable. The website is easy to use and navigate around and provides excellent information for both buyers and sellers.”

Debbie who had owned the lovely Cion for 4 years!

Dude – Loaned out in June 2019

“I wanted to put my cob on loan for a year and felt quite daunted by the prospect of finding the right home.
A friend recommended RHRH.
I have found the help received through RHRH excellent . Very professional and having someone friendly at the end of the phone to answer any questions has been brilliant. I have had lots of quality applicants. Website is easy to use. I have found a really good home for my cob for a year while I am travelling.
I am very happy to recommend this extremely professional and friendly service.”
Wendy who has owned Dude for 8 years!
Lucy Sold Falcon in May 2019

I would highly recommend using RHRH to sell your horse. We had plenty of applications all of which seemed genuine enquiries . Falcon sold to the first person who tried him within three weeks of his advert being displayed. .

Andrew Bought Ernie in May 2019

Saved us alot of time and took as straight to the horse we needed.

Angela – Bought Joey in May 2019

Fabulous service, Prompt replies to any queries, Found an amazing little horse, site ran very well.. A Genuine, Highly Recommended from me. Thankyou!!!

Eleanor who sold Monty in May 2019

“I was pleasantly surprised by the way this website works. It made finding my horse the right home much easier”

Karen – Sold Peter in May 2019
“Professional, approachable team. All the applicants for my horse were genuine. My horse was sold within 2 weeks to a perfect home, I am very happy!”
Kelly – Bought Romeo in May 2019
“Great way to find a horse that meets your requirements”
Katy – Buyer of Peter – May 2019
“What a fabulous idea, amazing website and I found my new best friend”
Georgia – Sold in April 2019

“When it become apparent I needed to sell my amazing mare it made me so nervous and anxious to where she would end up. Your services enabled me to check applications before allowing contact which meant it saved allot of time and hassle (rare these days). 3rd viewing in through Right horse right home and she has been sold so the perfect home. Thank you ” Emilia

Confidence giving, safe and sensible smart cob – George Sold in April 2019

George’s owner bought him to help her regain confidence following major surgery. After 4 wonderful years together it was time for Lynne to find George a new home. She said:
“I was delighted with the service provided by RHRH and I was able to find the perfect home for my horse George. My horse had some minor joint changes and although he was sound to ride, and would pass all four flexion tests, he wouldn’t pass the tight, concrete trot circle in a five stage vetting. It was important for me to tell any potential purchaser about this to be able to ensure I found the right home. He is a very kind, safe and special horse who has a lot to offer so I wanted to find the best home possible where I could still visit and see him. I was able to read about all the applicants, what region they were in and the knowledge and experience they had ( there were almost 40 of them) and there were many suitable applications. After speaking to several I selected 3-4 who were really perfect in terms of the home they could offer. He was sold to the first people who came to view.” 

Glynis bought George and said : “I like the basis that both buyers & sellers really care about the horses in question. feels a more genuine forum for buying & selling”

Merlin – Ex Eventer Looking for Low Level Work – Sold April 2019

Merlin was an 18yo who was not ready to retire but needed a less competitive life. His owner Jo used our application process to ensure she found Merlin the absolute best new home, with Hannah!

Hannah said “Great Service, really good to actually get true input from people and only genuine interest/responses.”

Henrietta Bought Marley in April 2019

“We have found the pony we were looking for. Having at first been a little sceptical of an advertising site that charged you to look at their ads, I now am a convert to this sort of buying. It was refreshing indeed to meet an owner who instead of covering up their horse’s issues, was keen to tell you of all his/ her foibles in the interest of matching their horse to his/her new owner. This helped us to achieve the best home for the horse and ensure that we took on a pony with only known issues and all the right attributes..

My children have the perfect companion and we are delighted – thank you so much”

Kizzy, owned by Pippa and Sold in April 2019

Fantastic easy website to use. Very supportive and quick to respond. They really do care about you and your horse. Highly recommend.

Ruby – The horse of a lifetime finds a new home – April 2019

Lisa owned Ruby for 2 years and described her as a ‘horse of a lifetime’. Sadly having to sell, she came to RHRH and said:

Right Horse Right Home is an excellent service. It reduced my stress levels by 100%.

Selling a horse is very demanding as well as a heartbreaking task and I wanted to have as stream-lined approach as possible. RHRH helped to weasel out joyriders and me having to answer silly questions from people who weren’t really potential buyers. I would definitely use RHRH again and would highly recommend.”

Nicola who bought Ruby said “Simple and no time wasters”

Milo – Sold in April 2019

The owner of Milo, Andy said:

RHRH was “Very professional and helpful . Tailored my advert to make it more attractive to potential buyers. Would definitely recommend Right Horse Right Home”

Alexandra who bought Milo and said:

“I thought the website was good and I was most fortunate in finding an owner who genuinely wanted the right home for his horse and was totally open about all aspects of the horse he owned for over 5 years. Equally I am confident I have found the right horse who has found a 5 star home!”

Carly – Found Basilic a wonderful loan home in April 2019

“Fantastic service Great not to have to answer lots of unsuitable calls Super home found”

Alison – Sold the lovely Dotty in April 2019
“I would happily recommend RHRH to anyone wanting to find the right purchaser for their horse. I received all the help I needed to place the advert and I found the application process works very well. I hope to have found the perfect new home for my horse entirely through RHRH”
Sharne – Owner of Maddie who was sold in April 2019

Fantastic service and support from Right Horse Right Home, would highly recommend them if you are looking to sell your horse.

Debbie Sold Beau very quickly in April 2019

“Pleased to provide feedback on our experience of selling one of our two horses – the whole site was easy to use and check. The information required was so relevant and achieved good interest and the applications ensured we selected the right individual and the best home possible.”

Kate – Bought the lovely Schoolmaster Oliver in April 2019

It’s refreshing to use a service where you are applying for the horse. It allows all parties involved to really think long and hard about what’s important and what you’re committing too. It creates an environment for committed sellers and buyers that is refreshing.

Nicole – Owner of Cazza who was sold in April 2019
“Right horse right home found the best of homes for my horse as the way they work to find good prospect buyers and filter out time wasters really does make the selling process so much easier! I couldn’t thank them enough for finding the perfect home for my mare and I wish her new owners the best of luck for the future! X”
Sam – Buyer of Cazza – April 2019

“After months of searching for a safe horse for my daughter and after a very distressing previous experience with an unscrupulous owner, we finally subscribed to RHRH. What a difference this made. Within a few moments there she was, A beautiful 15.3 mare. I contacted Rebecca (RHRH) who thoroughly explained how the site worked and what we should expect from the process. The owner contacted me and invited us to visit. Everything in the advert was a true reflection of the mare and her genuine owner who truly wanted the right home for her horse. We have now had her vetted and she arrives with us very soon. I would highly recommend this site and Rebecca’s excellent service.”

Allison – Buyer of Fleur – April 2019

“Don’t know how long you’ve had this website up & running, but it’s super!

After poor experience with local adverts via social media, I looked further afield to seek reliable private horse sales. Impressed at finding Right Horse Right Home I signed up as a member. It was so easy, supportive & helpful. Reassuring in the attention to detail & professionalism of the whole process & site in general. I found the quality, selection & variety of the horses for sale comprehensive. Access to copious, sensible, diverse information. I have had a super experience using your site & can confidently recommend it. Thank you so much xxx”

Gemma – New owner of Saracen – April 2019
“Very good website, especially for selling a horse I like the fact that people can’t contact you directly and you get to choose the most suitable candidates yourself. The whole process of finding and applying for my horse was very quick and easy. “
Delia – Sold the popular Saracen in April 2019

“I found Right Horse Right Home a very good way of selling my horse. The applications were a great way of finding the perfect rider/home for my horse. “

Charlee – Owner of Yogi Found a lovely new loan home in March 2019

“Professional service throughout the whole process. Made it easy and hassle free to find the perfect home for my horse. Regular updates on applicants and support from RHRH staff. “

Debbie sold Trouper – Sane and Sensible All-Rounder in March 2019
“Very satisfactory site. Good to be able to reject unsuitable possible purchasers therefore saving time. I have already recommended this site to others and would use it again.”
Jemma – Sold Troy in March 2019

“The Website proved perfect for my need to find the right home, it was great to get the applications so that I could assess their suitability for my horse and also not waste the other persons time. I had some good quality applicants and was delighted to find a good match for my horse. I’ve been so pleased I have recommended the site to a friend of mine who will soon be looking to sell and wants to find his perfect home.”

Nicola – Loaned her lovely 4yo ID X in March 2019
“RHRH found me the perfect loan home for my mare. I was offered helpful advice throughout the whole process including the preparation of a formal loan agreement and could relax in the knowledge that every applicant had registered and was genuine.”
Dessie – sold by Iona in February 2019

“This is the second time I have used Right Horse Right Home as I like the application process. It enables me to match the right person to my horse.”

Rebecca – New Owner and Buyer of Lulu – Feb 2019

“I found the site extremely user-friendly in terms of accessibility, navigation, alerts, contact with potential sellers, the comprehensive list of have and have-nots for each horse. The quality and variety of the photographs gave a broad impression of the animal and allowed the type of bits / martingales used in various disciplines easily visible. This lead to a practical shortlist being drawn up with complete confidence increasing time efficiency for me as a buyer and also the sellers I approached. Honest sellers dedicated to achieving the optimum new owner for their quality horse.

I cannot name an equivalent site to parallel what righthorserighthome offers buyers and sellers of horses and ponies, I have found an utterly exceptional pony for my daughter within budget, sold to me by a respectful and transparent owner: the fastest and happiest equestrian transaction i have ever made .”

Katie – Owner of Lulu Sold in February 2019

“I couldn’t be more delighted with not only the process (receiving genuine applications) but the outcome: we have sold our pony to a wonderful home! RHRH is easy to use, Rebecca is super helpful and it’s not as expensive as many other sites! I have already recommended to friends and will continue to do so.”

Suzanne Bought Polly in February 2019

“It’s one of the best websites to find a horse, a more serious and honest way. I’m so happy to have found Polly “

Pam – Owner of Sovereign Sold in February 2019

“I found Right Horse Right Home really easy to use and with the help of the staff feedback they made my advert look better for the buyer with pictures and a video. It was definitely worth the £15.00 that it cost as they matched me up with a wanted advert and have found a lovely home for my horse. “

Jill – Sold Fern in February 2019

“Right Horse Right Home is a fantastic safe site, with plenty of professional advice and support. I found an amazing family and home for my pony, this made the parting transmission of my very gentle much loved pony so much easier.”

Dessie – Sold in February 2019

“I think your site is a great idea and hopefully we won’t need to use you too soon again!! I will be recommending you to friends looking for ponies in the future. “

Santa – Sold very quickly to Laurie in Feb 2019

“This took a lot of stress out of finding the right horse. Clearly the seller wanted to find the right person and the application process meant that we could be completely honest with each other. “

Millie – New Owner of Amber – Feb 2019

“Very good experience – saw two horses via the site and one was perfect! Fingers crossed before pick up on Wednesday, but all been very straightforward so far. As has the sale of our loan pony – the owner of her used your site to advertise her (La Bomba)”

Deborah – Bought Panda in February 2019
“Very clear advertisements for horses/ponies on this site. I spoke to the RHRH office and again very helpful and happy to help. Would certainly recommend to others and use again in the future if needed. “
Sian – Sold Panda through RHRH in February 2019

“I sold Pandora through RHRH, as a trader it enables me to easily look through possible clients and reject unsuitable matches, which greatly saves me time on the phone. The RHRH have been fab.”

Sarah who Rehomed / Loaned Evoque in January 2019

“Rebecca was very responsive and helpful. Owners all got back to me within good timescales. Good info about the horses – seemed honest. Liked that there was search facility so task wasn’t too huge. Good experience- thank you!”

Jo – Owner of Merlin Sold in January 2019

“RHRH offer a great service and the staff offer great support and are very helpful when it comes to finding the right homes for our horses! I highly recommend this website to anyone looking to buy or selling a horse! “

Abigail – Owner of Kye sold in January 2019

“Fantastic company. Were very helpful in setting up my advert & very quick responses. Would definitely use again . Thank you”

Johanna – Bought Wrenningham in January 2019

“Having bought a horse privately last year that ended up being a horrendous time as owner very dishonest and I ended up losing the horse I’d grown to love. Looking again was very hard and I knew I wanted to do it right and find a horse I felt would be with me forever. Owners with RHRH seem more honest about the horses as they’ve had to pay a membership. Easy website to navigate.”

Grace – Owner of Frankie who was loaned in January 2019

This website is fantastic, Rebecca was there offering support and advice all the way through the process. We found a wonderful loan home within a matter of weeks and received over 30 applications. The system is so easy allowing you to see the information provided by the applicants making the whole process so much easier.”

Elizabeth – Owner of Monty – Sold January 2019

“I was very happy with the personal touch of the service provided, the help with my advert, with the rewording and genuine interest shown. I found that when I informed RHRH about the successful sale of my horse, they were very pleased that I had found a loving home for him, and were very pleased with the outcome of my sale. If ever I needed to use them again I wouldn’t consider anyone else.”

Rebecca – New Loaner of Montana – December 2018

“2nd time I have used this site successfully. Would use again”

Laura – Owner of Montana who found a lovely loan home in December 2018

“RHRH helped to put me in contact with many wonderful applicants when looking for a loan/share for my horse. Previously advertised on free websites the quality of applicant on the free sites were of poor quality and not serious about horse ownership. RHRH helped me find a lovely home for my horse to move to, and I wouldn’t hesitate recommending them to others.”

Liza – Who found a loan home for Chammy very quickly in December 2018


“Great service and a very easy to use. Loaned within very short period of time.”

Hayley – Owner of Teddy who was ‘Free to a Good Home’ in December 2018

“I received applications within 24 hrs of advertising my pony. I had time to read through each application before contacting the applicants. If you truly care where your pony/horse will end up this site is perfect!”

Jan – Buyer of Bert in December 2018

“It seems a safer way for sellers to make sure their horse is sold to an honest buyer. And for myself as a buyer, again there is a feeling of safety in that there are names and addresses, plus you as a company supporting both sides, and most importantly the horse. I would definitely use your services again thank you.”

Denise bought Missy through RHRH 2018

Very good website easy to use and made me feel confident to apply for horses on the site. Thanks for helping me find a lovely horse.

Safiya – Sold Missy through RHRH 2018

“We advertised Missy at the end of August and within two weeks we had found the perfect home for her. After unsuccessful advertising through social media Right Horse Right Home was perfect – it reduces the risk of time wasters and ensures you’re able to pick the best home for you horse. Would definitely recommend!”

Rachel – Buyer of Molly in November 2018

“I like the set up of the site you can really find what your looking for and the people that advertise on there are genuine and not dealers”

Angie – Sold Chancer in November 2018

“Really supportive and friendly I can not recommend highly enough “

Linda – Sold Molly in November 2018

“Thank you for helping me place a special horse in the right home.”

Jenny – Buyer of Al Capone – November 2018

“Really easy to use and very very helpful “

Cleo – Owner of Storm – November 2018

“I found Right horse Right home provide the perfect balance between professionalism and personal service. They understand your needs, your horses and look to match you with the perfect home. I am extremely happy with the partnership they found us and the level of service they provided for us.”

Gemma – Owner of Morris – Sold to Michelle in November 2018

“The standard of applications I received was excellent. Really helpful staff who offered advice throughout the whole process. My horse definitely found the right home through RHRH.”

Michelle – Bought Morris in November 2018

“It took me a few months and some disappointments, but I am now happy that I’ve found my new best friend thanks to Right Horse Right Home.”

Sarah – Bought Burnie in November 2018

“An excellent website for finding the perfect horse. I found the one for me very quickly after it was suggested to me as a suitable equine from my wanted advert. Would definitely use your services again in the future and would recommend to friends.”

Connie Sold to Pauline in November 2018

“What I liked about this site was the honesty of the sellers. I felt that all the advertisers had the horses best interest at heart and felt I could believe all the descriptions. The advertisers were prepared to pay to advertise on this site to find the right person knowing that the people who applied also had to pay so they knew all these people were serious about finding the right horse and not time wasters.”


Eliza – New Loaner of Storm – November 2018

“RHRH is an amazing site. What sets it apart is that it is a site for owners who really care about the future life of their horses and the personal assistance and recommendations from Rebecca. I’m so glad RHRH was recommended to me.”

Helen – Bought Kane and moved him to Jersey – November 2018
 I found Kane through your wonderful service!
He is absolutely exactly as advertised and a wonderful purchase. I could not be happier with him. Georgina (Kane’s owner) was a delight to deal with too. All perfect.
Eleanor – New Loaner of Hattie, November 2018

“I found the website good to use and I liked particularly the way I got emails which alerted me to advertised horses which were suited to my requirements !”

Gemma – Owner of Burnie Sold in November 2018

“The website was very easy to use, and I much preferred this way of advertising my horse as it stopped the timewasters. Any questions I had were answered promptly and I found the staff very helpful. I would definitely recommend”

Julia – Owner of Hattie Loaned in November 2018

“A great website, supported by phone calls, found a lovely lady for my horse. ”

Lucinda – Sold Leo in November 2018
Leo was sold quickly, his advert was viewed by 1607 people, his facebook post reached 19,000 people and had 86 likes and 75 comments!
“Thanks so much for your help, your site and service is amazing!”
Grace – Sold Rosie in October 2018

“I think you offer a brilliant service and your staff are fantastic.”

Eve – Bought Rosie in October 2018


“Very helpful website – thank you. “

Sophie – Owner of Monsoon, Loaned in October 2018


“Right Horse Right Home has been a fantastic service to use. It made finding a new home for Monsoon so easy and I would definitely recommend it to friends! The best thing I found was that you could vet people immediately on their suitability without having to waste time with a phone call. I created a shortlist who i called and set up dates for them to come and try…as it was, the first person who tried her took her!”

Sharon – New Owner of Monsoon – October 2018


“A really rewarding experience, I hope I’ve now found a forever horse through the site. “

Heather Bought Sox in October 2018


“Very impressed with site. The information about the horses was detailed and the owners responded promptly. There was a good selection of horses. The whole experience was positive. I would not hesitate to use site again and may well do so in future”

Jane – New Loaner of Nancy October 2018


“A lot goes on behind the scenes putting your ad out there and matching your requirements. A very caring experience and I highly recommend RHRH.”

Greg – Sold Harry in October 2018


“The quality of enquiries through RHRH were far superior to any other sales channel, and as a seller it is comforting that potential buyers can be screened to ensure only those most suitable are invited for viewings.”

Lynn – Bought Harry in October 2018

“Perfect way to find a suitable horse being sold by an owner who cares.”

Sharry – New Owners of Flo – Bought in October 2018

“We had been looking for a first pony for our daughter for ages and then we discovered Right Horse Right Home. We found the most incredible pony from loving, honest owners from your website. Thank you so, so much!”

Sarah Owner of Arthur Loaned Out in October 2018

“I found perfect home for my much loved boy, helpful staff and loan agreement drafted promptly, quality of applications excellent and spoilt for choice and would recommend anytime thank you”

Joanne – New Loaner of A Stunning Ex-HOYS Show Horse – October 2018

“Really good to connect with horse owners who really do care about the future of their horses”

Caroline – Owner of Durdles – Loaned out in October 2018

“I can highly recommend this website if you are looking for a loan home for your horse. I received several applications and it saved a lot of time and heartache being able to vet them before speaking to the applicant and easy to reject the ones that were not suitable which saved a lot of time. I had about 3 applicants who sounded perfect for my horse and I feel confident he has found the right home.”

Nicola – Sold Finch in September 2018

“I found Right Horse Right home website easy to use, easy to review the applications and see exactly what someone would like from your horse.”

Flo – Owner of 18yo Honey Sold in September 2018


“Honey is off to her new home today with Louise we are so pleased as what a lovely home it will be! I also just wanted to say how amazing this whole process has been. Right Horse Right Home has made selling a horse less painful and really is the best website going! We have been so pleased with everything from people calling and emailing. I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything. “

Louise Said “Non stressful, easy.”

Beccy – New Owner of Finch, September 2018

“Standard bullet points to describe horses and the map both fab ideas. Whole process was great and have already recommended your website.”

Alex – New Owner of Reuben bought in September 2018

“Smooth and efficient. We are so pleased with Reuben who we purchased. The seller was honest and genuine. My daughter is having so much fun with him already and looking forward to their future together “

Tina – Owner of Georgie who Sold in September 2018

This was Georgie’s advert – ‘Heartbreaking sale of my horse of a lifetime, who I have owned for 7 years. Georgie is a 15.2hh Welsh Section D X TB bay mare. She is 18 years old and a true family member. Perfect for a confident rider who wants an all rounder or equally to enjoy hacking.’

Through the promotions and application process Georgie was sold within 2 weeks to a wonderful home with Mandy in Warwickshire. Mandy sadly lost her horse due to sustaining a broken leg in the field. She was looking for a replacement “safe sane well mannered horse in hand and ridden , that will be happy to hack out alone .  My days of dealing with difficult horses or taking on a project is long gone”.

The perfect match!!

I have now sold Georgie to a lovely lady who we found through your website. I have been very impressed with your service. I was very nervous about selling my best friend of 7 years to a stranger but I feel she’s found the perfect home. I would definitely use your service again and would recommend to friends.

Jo – Buyer of Hero in September 2018

“Quick and simple – perfect”

Catie – New owner of Gordon bought in September 2018

“Many thanks for your help and what a fabulous site you have! We are over the moon with Gordon, and it was reassuring to know that it was a two way thing with both buyers and sellers with regard to matching up horses and riders.”


Helen – New owner of Kane bought in September 2018

Kane is a 21yo Ex-international Showjumper looking for his forever home. He received several wonderful home offers but Helen was the perfect match for him. Offering him a forever home in Jersey.


“I was impressed by the website and system but to have the power of that AND the kind personal involvement of the the Chief Executive who actually took time to engage with me, was well above my expectations. Fab service and a very good experience.”


Helen’s original Wanted Advert with us:

My elder daughter has our two competition horses but moved back to Uk leaving me just with a semi retired pony. I still have fields and two stables plus the dear old pony, whom I have owned for 28 years.  Sadly my riding days stopped 9 years ago with a cataclysmic accident I was lucky to survive. 12 spinal fractures and 7 pelvic ones. One of our competition horses rolled over me. So. Now aged 61 and thankfully reasonably fit again but I can’t walk very far and definitely won’t bounce if I come off. Yet (mad perhaps) missing riding and being out in the countryside. I  have Four rider granddaughters and am looking for a very gentle 16.2 plus quality horse (I am 5.11 and 12 stone) to join a permanent loving country home. Have strong husband to do the heavy end! Immaculate manners essential. I only intend to do light hacking so a good horse – maybe retired dressage or hunter or eventer? – that won’t sustain full work is fine (we would be a pair). Fabulous knowledgeable, loving home with companion pony awaits a truly bomb proof, well mannered equine lady or gentleman.

Georgina – Owner of Kane who was sold in September 2018

“I would just like to say a massive thank you to Right Horse Right Home for helping us to find our horse his wonderful new home. From advertising him on the website to the days after he was sold Rebecca has been in contact to check how things were going and if we required any further assistance. Only suitable applications were put forward for me to assess which made the whole process much easier and meant that we were able to find him a suitable home without the worry of time-wasters or hoof-kickers.

I would definitely recommend Right Horse Right Home to anyone who is looking to safely sell/loan a horse. Thank you Georgina”

Kirsty – Owner of Hero who was sold in September 2018

“Right Horse Right Home is a fantastic service. Rebecca is very helpful and always available for any changes or suggestions. Would highly recommend this service if you want to find the best home for your horse.”

Irene – Advertised Tilly with RHRH in August 2018

“I would always recommend RHRH to anyone looking or selling a horse as I feel you do what you say on the tin!  Honest and trustworthy.”

Stacey – Owner of Phoenix who was sold through RHRH in August 2018

Fabulous service from the site staff who take a real interest in helping you find a great home for your horse. Applications from potential buyers were of a very high quality and all were serious enquiries. Highly recommended!

Julie – New Owner of Pheonix – Bought in August 2018

I previously had had a bad experience buying a horse, things were not as stated but this time having to take the time to complete an application, then speaking and meeting the owner before meeting Phoenix made sure we were right for each other. As soon as I tried her I knew this was totally the right decision for me. Phoenix arrived yesterday and it was like Christmas day getting what I’d always dreamt of! My new best friend.”

Sandy – New Owner of Harri – Sold in August 2018

Very easy, assured that the seller has to be truthful in describing the horse. Harri was advertised to exactly what, who, why he was up for sale, how far his schooling is and his temperament all his bullet points that were advertised have been spot on Thankyou so much I’ve been looking for the right horse for a long time and a friend tagged me to Harri I’m in horsey heaven now love him. 😀

Karis – Sold the lovely Moet through RHRH – August 2018

“RHRH offered fantastic advice and support throughout the whole process and helped me to find the perfect home for my horse. I would strongly recommend this service in the future” 

Hilary Andrews – Loaned the lovely Tio – in August 2018

I would recommend this site wholeheartedly as it has the interests of horses and owners at its core.

The entire process from interrogation of the website, clarification of queries by phone to the help desk, meeting the owner and horse and their subsequent visit to my home has been so easy and pleasurable. I would recommend this site wholeheartedly as it has the interests of horses and owners at its core. It truly does aim to get the right horse with the right owner.

Lucy – Loaned Tio to a super hacking home – in August 2018

“I found the whole process refreshingly easy and very good value.”

Tio needed a home with very specific requirements, however, RHRH made this much easier by using their application method. I received a number of home offers that I was able to consider, however, one stood out and I’m thrilled with the match. The RHRH team were extremely helpful too. I have already been recommending RHRH to friends as I found the whole process refreshingly easy and very good value.

Harriet – Sold Murphy a Super Irish Draught – in August 2018

A great way to sell your horse – applications are specific and enable to you accept or reject before you’ve even made contact which avoids time wasting and time wasters!! Staff support there if you need it too.

Leah – Put Indy on Full Loan – August 2018

I had a lot of applications in a short amount of time, and found the perfect home in under a month!

Right Horse Right Home enabled me to write an honest advert about my young horse, whilst being assured that only suitable and genuine people were going to apply for him. I had a lot of applications in a short amount of time, and found the perfect home in under a month! I would 100% recommend RHRH for piece of mind selling/loaning your horse.


Jane – New Loaner of Bobby-Joe – Rehomed in August 2018

A great site to connect people to the right owners and horses, taking time wasters out of the equation.

I have been searching for the right second horse with a loan to buy scenario for a good 20 months or so, discovering this website only recently when a friend informed me of it, I registered and set up email notifications for the type of horse I was seeking. Along came Bobby-Joe for loan to buy by a wonderful family, we had an instant connection with both the family and horse, a week later after traveling 2 hours to meet them, Bobby-Joe has joined me for his next phase in his life, we are getting on great, and this will be his forever home, thanks again, a great site to connect people to the right owners and horses, taking time wasters out of the equation

Emeline – Who bought Jac from Nicola in July 2018

 “I found the whole experience to be a very positive one. I found exactly the right pony for my daughter and we are delighted.”

Nicola – Repeat Customer – Sold Jac in July 2018

“This is the second time I have used RHRH to find a home for one of my ponies, and couldn’t be more happy with the results. Both times I have found excellent ,& knowledgable, as well as the perfect fit for what my ponies needing at that point in their lives. By applying for the ponies it was very easy to decide those homes that the pony would fit in best . I would highly recommend this service to others looking for the very best homes for their horses or ponies.”

Amanda – Sold Albert in July 2018 within 1 week

“Thank you RHRH for helping me find the perfect home for Albert. I had lots of application all of a very high quality and no time wasters. Albert was sold within a week. I would strongly recommend your web site.”

Sarah – Owner of Zak Sold in July 2018

“I advertised on several sites but the only genuine enquiries came through Right Horse Right Home. I sold my horse through the site in a matter of days. I received excellent support from the office staff. I would not hesitate in recommending this site for selling your horse.”

Hanna – Owner of Havana sold in July 2018

“Super service, I wanted the best home for my horse and applications received were all great. Thanks so much to RHRH team”

“No timewasters and very straightforward. Many thanks.”

Frankie – Owner of Phoebe Loaned in July 2018

Phoebe is a gorgeous 16.3h 15yo German warmblood mare and her owner was heartbroken that due to a change of personal circumstances she was forced to loan with potential to sell to the right home, her lovely mare. RHRH found her a lovely new home!

“Found a wonderful new home from my mare, less than a week after advertising through RHRH. Absolutely thrilled with the outcome!!”

Carrie – New Owner of Zack, bought in July 2018

“This is a great site and is committed to getting it right for buyers and sellers “

Read more about how Zack, the quirky horse found his happy new home. 

Jill – Buyer of Blackberry who will be moving to her yard in Switzerland in July 2018

RHRH provides a serious approach for sellers and potential purchasers.

I’ve been searching for a second horse for about 1 year now. Everyone seems to think that potential buyers are “time wasters” but often horses are not as advertised and our time is just as valuable as the seller’s time. I think RHRH provides a serious approach for sellers and potential purchasers. I have bought a 5 year-old which I hope to Keep for life and so don’t expect to be selling or buying in the near future – and I live in Switzerland! But I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to others.

Louisa – Owner of Zack – Sold in July 2018

RHRH was absolutely the right place to market my horse

“RHRH was absolutely the right place to market my horse. The applicants had already been through a screening process so you only are approached by the most suitable candidates. The staff were incredibly helpful and supportive and I am thrilled that Zachary has found a very loving and fun home. Thank you!!”

Carol – Owner of Lulu who was sold in June 2018

So happy to have found a wonderful home for Lulu through RHRH! I had lots of great applications in a very short time. The whole process could not have gone better! Thank you, Carol”

Diane – Owner of Mr Darcy – Loaned in June 2018

So much help given to help me find the right home for my horse he has settled in very well. Quality of applications were excellent, I was spoilt for choice and would recommend anytime.

Tracey – Bought Topsy in March 2018

Fantastic site to match for a new equine friend. As I was getting very despondent regarding the search for my Horse , that would have a Home for life, until I found RHRH. Thank you for a great service.

Allison – Owner of Pam who was sold in less than 1 week in June 2018

“My pony was advertised on 6 websites and I had the best responses (non time wasters, 5* homes) from Right Horse, Right Home”

Sarah – Owner of Clive who was sold in June 2018

Efficient clear communication and helpful staff

Natasha – Sold Prince through us in June 2018

I think that your website is such a good way to advertise and am very impressed with the process

Dionne – Loaned Jack in June 2018


“Found the process was straight forward, and we now have Jack on loan. Thank you”

Jill – New Loaner of Mr Darcy June 2018

“Very easy to use”

Frankie – Owner of Jack who found a loan home through us in June 2018

Would 100% recommend

This site has made sale/loaning my horse so much easier! It very well thought out and run extremely well! Would 100% recommend to a friend!

Liz – New owner of Lilly, Sold in May 2018

Easy to search for horses

Easy to search for horses to suit what I was looking for, and easy to liaise with the seller to arrange viewing etc.

Nikki – Owner of Coco Sold in May 2018

“I would certainly recommend RHRH to anyone!”

Yvonne – Owner of Frank Loaned out in May 2018

RHRH helped me find the very best of homes for my horse.
Rebecca was always had hand for advice and nothing was too much trouble

Andrea – Owner of Dylan Sold in May 2018

The service I received was excellent!

Bebe – Owner of Cucumber, Sold in May 2018

Using this website made the daunting task of selling my horse much easier.

“Thank you so much Rebecca for all your help and sound advice. Using this website made the daunting task of selling my horse much easier. The information provided by potential buyers is helpful and the type of clients applying have been delightful to deal with. The whole experience wasn’t the drama I was expecting. Thank you Right Horse Right Horse. I’ve recommended you to everyone! “

Sophia – Owner of Lad, Loaning through us in May 2018

RHRH have saved me so much time and stress and have enabled me to find the right person for my horse


“Right Horse Right Home have enabled me to effectively find a suitable loan home for my horse. The website is very easy to use and the application system is a great way to find out more about the profile of each applicant. RHRH have saved me so much time and stress and have enabled me to find the right person for my horse. Would definitely recommend and use again in future! 10/10 rating. “

Rosie – Owner of Pye Sold in May 2018

I have never sold a horse before and the people from RHRH were amazing ! Helping me write my advert and getting it out there!

I am so glad I advertised my horse through Right Horse Right Home. I found that everyone who contacted me through the site were genuinely interested and not time wasters.

I have never sold a horse before and the people from RHRH were amazing ! Helping me write my advert and getting it out there!

I managed to find the perfect home for my horse, couldn’t have found nicer people to buy my horse .
Thank you all ! 😊

Jane – Owner of Rosie – SOLD IN 4 DAYS in April 2018

Would thoroughly recommend this website

“The help was invaluable in finding a lovely home for my mare. Would thoroughly recommend this website.”

Yvonne – Bought Eddie in April 2018

I have found the right horse and the seller feels she has found the right home for her loved horse.


This is the first time I have bought a horse via a site and have to say what a pleasant experience it was. I completed my profile , applied for the horse I liked, the owner liked what she read and contacted me. 2 weeks later he is happily munching in my field. I have found the right horse and the seller feels she has found the right home for her loved horse. Perfect result.

Kate – Buyer of Willow – April 2018

I would recommend the site to anyone.

We found it was really helpful to have detailed information about the horses on offer and also about us as buyers, and felt that this helped arranging the sale. Both parties had a clear idea and we found a good match. I would recommend the site to anyone.

John – Owner of Lulu – Loaned in April 2018

I was extremely impressed with the professionalism, dedication and knowledge of all the staff

I relocated my mare Lulu with significant support from the staff at RHRH to tailor the advert, deter time wasters and find a good home closer to my location. I was extremely impressed with the professionalism, dedication and knowledge of all the staff that I dealt with to ensure a positive outcome. Thank you

Mandi Pritchard – Sold Willow in April 2018

Great service

Great service provided, which resulted in finding my mare her perfect forever home

Naomi Bought Dude in April 2018 – SOLD IN 5 DAYS!

Dude was listed on the website on a Tuesday, he received his first applicant on Friday, they visited him on Saturday, sold by Sunday!

“Easy to use and hopefully ensures a good match between horse and rider.” Naomi


Joker – Sold in April 2018

Your site has proved excellent in finding the right home for our much loved horse & so I want to say a huge thank you for that.
Carolyn , owner of Joker

Easy & simple to set up and matched my requirement very well.
Julie – The buyer for Joker and the first person who applied for him.

Anna – Owner of Lily – Sold in April 2018

Lily is a class 1 Connemara mare rising 12 who has been in the same home for over 7 years. Her owners were looking for a special new home as a hacking / light competition horse following successful suspensory surgery. After lots of genuine interest they found the right home for Lily very quickly.

Very helpful company, easy to use web-site, genuine buyers.

Gaynor – Owner of Vic, Sold in March 2018

There are no time wasters so each application can be looked at purely on merit. 

A very straight forward process. I love the fact that as prospective buyers have to pay to join the site, there are no time wasters so each application can be looked at purely on merit.

Sam- New Owner of Milly – Bought in March 2018

Great website

“Great website good quality horses. Will definitely use again “

Andrea – Owner of Barry – Sold in 2 weeks in March 2018

Amazing and simple service that partners the right buyers for you.

“Amazing and simple service that partners the right buyers for you. My advert was placed and the following day I received numerous contacts, the first of which were to become the forever home which I was looking for for my horse. Within 2 weeks he was off to his new home with a fabulous family. Such a relief to have found the right buyers and the right home without the stress. “

Frankie – Owner of Blazey – Loan through RHRH in March 2018

A great service to find the right home for your horse

“A great service to find the right home for your horse. Lots of help and advice provided for making your advert stand out. A safe and secure website giving you confidence in finding the right person for your horse.”

Bethanie – New owner of Companion Pony – March 2018

We found the most perfect forever pony for our family through right horse right home.

“We found the most perfect forever pony for our family through right horse right home. I’m so glad I found him, and so glad we were able to give him loving happy forever home. The website was really easy to use, and we had an answer from the owners within the same day. “

Cabi – Owner of this sweet older pony – loaned in march 2018

My 7 year old daughter needed her much loved first pony to find a retirement home as a companion pony and I was afraid we wouldn’t find it but we did through right horse right home! We are so happy for him, he deserves a nice retirement!

Carol – Buyer of Barry – March 2018

Found it very useful site and very easy to use.

Found it very useful site and very easy to use. Would certainly recommend if anyone looking to buy or loan a horse/pony

Louise – Sold Milly in March 2018

“I was so happy with our experience of selling through RHRH.”

I was so happy with our experience of selling through RHRH. The whole process was made easy and stress free through the support received from the start. Knowing that applicants are serious buyers saves so much worry.
I am so grateful and know that our horse is going to a good home. Thank you.

Juliette – Sold Jake in March 2018

“Found Jake a perfect forever home.”

Decided to advertise my horse after a friend used the site.
Had a few applications and recently found Jake a perfect forever home.
I wanted the best for him and that’s what I got.

Charlie – Sold Willow in March 2018

Willow was sold in 3 weeks!

Excellent service, prompt replies to queries, proactive sales.

Rachel – Sold James in February 2018

Within 2 weeks I had found him a new owner

Thank you very much to Rebecca at RHRH for helping me find the perfect home for my horse! From helping me with the advert to sending through appropriate applications, within 2 weeks I had found him a new owner. Very pleased with the outcome and an excellent service!

Jo – Owner of Teddy – Sold in February 2018

RHRH is a super website, I have advertised multiple horses on here and it really helps to match the right horses to the right people. The Staff are very helpful and friendly and it’s a very easy way to advertise your horse online, very good value too!

Becky – New Owner of Bree – Sold in February 2018

“A more reliable and trustworthy way to find your horse ”

Sold in less than a week to a super new home. Bree, a safe and sensible, 15.1h 9yr old ISH was being sold by her owner Alice from Kent, she was advertised with us and promoted and within a week she sold to the lovely Becky from West Sussex who joined as a Gold Member and applied for her through the website. Becky will be sharing her with her 14yr old daughter.

Karen – Owner of Skye – Sold in February 2018

“Easy to use, provides information on what the buyer is looking for which is very useful”

Karen listed Skye for sale with us and she was sold within a week. Karen was very honest about Skye and the fact she had failed a vetting, lunging on a hard surface but the vet said she was suitable for a low level PC/RC home. Skye has now found the perfect new home where she will be enjoyed and the new owners are fully aware of Skye’s limitations.

Excellent horse selling with the welfare of the horse and new owners a top priority.

Lynn – Owner of Dallas sold in January 2018

I would never have advertised my horse for sale elsewhere

I am very impressed with this website, I would never have advertised my horse for sale elsewhere, due to health issues I knew I would eventually have to make the heartbreaking decision to rehome my horse, just by chance I noticed an advert from a lovely lady who seemed an ideal owner, I think the details of prospective owners is excellent, I am happy to say I have peace of mind knowing my beautiful horse has now moved to a brilliant new home with a caring owner. The communication I have had from Rebecca has been very supportive.

Christine – New owner of Pandora – Bought in January 2018

A really easy processIt was a really easy process and I’m glad I paid the fee to be put in contact with the seller. I now have a lovely new horse.

Sacha – New Loaner of Quest – January 2018

makes finding a horse simple

Good website, makes finding a horse simple and easier

Kristabelle – Owner of Quest – Found New Loan Home in January 2018

I have found a fantastic home for my horse 

In just 2 weeks I found a fantastic home for my horse through Right Horse Right Home with a genuine, enthusiastic rider.

Debbie – Owner of Pandora sold in January 2018

Excellent customer service

Excellent customer service and found a wonderful home for my mare in a short space of time. Thank you

Sue – New Loaner of Mowgli – Loaned in January 2018

The form is easy to fill in

I was very lucky the right horse was the first horse that appeared at the top of the page. The form is easy to fill in. The owner replied very quickly. Thank you.

Jo – Buyer of Tiggi – Bought in January 2018

Very smooth process

Very smooth process. I completed the online application then received an email with a lovely video from Tiggi’s owner. We then had a lengthy phone call before viewing and trialling the pony. I went ahead with vetting and then collection. Tiggi has settled well so far, a great process.

Caroline – Owner of Pico – Sold in December 2017

I found the perfect home for my much loved boy.

I found the perfect home for my much loved boy , easy to use , loved the way you can read about potential buyers before making contact.

Paige – Owner of Ollie – Sold in October 2017

Brilliant website and fantastic service.

Brilliant website and fantastic service from all the girls. I found my horse the perfect home thanks to Right Horse Right Home.

Sophie Wharton – Owner of Poppet – Sold in October 2017

“First Applicant who I invited to see her bought her”

Poppet was the first horse I had ever purchased and was therefore the first horse I had ever sold.  I love her dearly and was so worried about finding her the right home.  Right Horse Right Home made this entire process so much easier for me.  They helped to write my advert as I am not the best with words or IT so this was a huge relief and not ever having written an advert before I did not really know what to say.  I dreaded the thought of Poppet going to the wrong home and the fact the site has an application process where people who were interested in my horse had to apply and join as members was excellent as it meant they were serious.  If people could not be bothered to pay the small fee of £12.99 then I did not want to entertain dealing with them.  The first applicant whom I invited to see Poppet could not have been more genuine or ideal for her.  She was sold to Michelle who fortunately for me is local and means I can still see her and we are regularly in touch.  Could not recommend Right Horse Right Home highly enough or their staff. It was the easiest of sales.

Laura – New Loaner of Shayne – October 2017

Laura joined RHRH to look for a confidence giver for low level BS upto 1.05m and possibly BE90. She is an experienced amateur rider offering five star home. She found more than one horse to apply for and has now successfully taken Shayne on loan who is a 15yo ISH with 377 BS points .

Good selection of horses and service

Caroline – Bought Lucy in October 2017

It’s refreshing

It’s refreshing to meet owners whose main priority is ensuring the home and new family are the right fit for their horse and are honest about the good and ‘quirks’ of their horse. We have found a beautiful horse who is settling in very well.

Elissa – Owner of Leni – Loaned out in October 2017

we couldn’t have found him such a good home without you!

Thank you so much for all of your help- we couldn’t have found him such a good home without you!

Jessica – New Loaner of Ash – October 2016

Ash, a handsome 16.3h allrounder, was advertised for loan through Right Horse Right Home on the 14th October and after numerous applications found his perfect new home.

Very easy & quick, when I did have a question it was answered very quickly. Found Rebecca to be very helpful.”

Sara – Owner of Ellie-May – Sold in October 2017

it sources genuine people looking for the right horse

I found a lovely home for Ellie through the RHRH website, I found it sources genuine people looking for the right horse for them. I will happily recommend RHRH to others.

Michelle – New Owner of Poppet – Bought in October 2017

The site has been very easy to use and it’s great that advice is available

I have been casually looking for a horse for several months and seriously in last 3 months, I stumbled across Right Horse Right Home and was delighted to find a site that seemed genuinely interested in horses being advertised correctly to ensure an appropriate home was found.The site has been very easy to use and it’s great that advice is available if needed. Many thanks, Michelle and Poppet.

Sue – Buyer of Freddie – Sold in October 2017

Freddie was an extremely popular pony and has found his perfect new home via Right Horse Right Home in a matter of days.
He was listed and promoted on the 4th October and by the 6th he was sold. His facebook post reached an astonishing 150,000+ people; over 15,000 clicks on the post and was shared 105 times.

I was pleased with the quick response to my questions and application. The owner of the horse returned my request very quickly and a visit was organised, this went well and all questions answered honestly, would use this website again.

Mary – Conrad’s owner – Listed with RHRH in October 2017

Thank you for your great support

Thank you for your great support, I am really glad I chose to use Right Horse Right Home and would definitely use it again to buy or sell a horse.

Steffi – Owner of Cindy
I can only recommend RHRH
Many thanks to Cara and Rebecca for all your help! Despite the emotional turmoil that came with looking to sell my baby, it was a “positive” experience overall and I can only recommend RHRH.
Gillian – Owner of Pixie – Sold in October 2017

Very happy with the friendly helpful service


I was very happy with the friendly helpful service from the Right Horse Right Home team and both times I have used them, have found a great loaner and a happy home for my horses. Would highly recommend!

Michelle – Buyer of Ollie October 2017

 Your website has been invaluable to me – the best £12 I’ve spent! 

Ollie (2)

I viewed Ollie yesterday and have subsequently put a deposit down ahead of collection on Sunday!  Your website has been invaluable to me, by giving information ahead, Ollie’s owner was able to decide who she thought was suitable ahead of viewings and although she has had many applications, she decided that I offered the home she was looking for and I have been lucky enough to find the horse perfect for me….so thank you, the best £12 I’ve spent!

Jenny – New loaner of Breeze – September 2017

Quick to register and then easy to apply for the horse

It was really quick to register and then easy to apply for the horse. The application was really helpful in giving some advice on what to include so thank you.

Rebecca – Owner of Breeze – Competition Horse Loaned through RHRH in September 2017

I am really happy with our choice and the process


Obviously its early days, but I am really happy with our choice and the process, and would like to thank you RHRH for all your help and support.

Caroline – Owner of Nessa and Coco

The idea of right horse right home is great 


The idea of right horse right home is great and I’ll definitely use the site again whether looking or loaning/selling.

Tracy – Owner of Sparkle – Advertised with RHRH in September 2017

 You offer a fabulous service


I will be recommending your site to anyone both selling and buying as I think you offer a fabulous service.  Well done.

Seema – used the service to look for a new horse – September 2017

Thanks – I will definitely use RHRH in the Spring.  It’s easy to use and I like that it’s private sellers only to avoid the dodgy dealers!  Good format, categories and excellent customer service.


Hannah – A vet who bought Genovieve in September 2017

Really straightforward

Really straightforward, plenty of information and good photos on adverts, quick responses from most sellers.

Rachel – Seller of Archie – September 2017

 Thank you for your help

Thank you for your help in securing him a great loan home.

Caroline – Seller of Pebbles – Sold Sept 2017

Many thanks for finding Katie


 Many thanks for finding Katie. We are very happy for Pebbles to be going to such a lovely new home

Katie – New owner of Pebbles – Bought in September 2017

Thankyou very much


“We are so happy we have found Pebbles the pony through your website! He really is everything and more what we were looking for! Thankyou very much!!”

Lucy – Buyer of Trevor – Bought in September 2017

Very easy process to match the right horse with the right home. 

The sellers have told me they think he has landed on his feet with me, but I think I was lucky to find him. Very easy process to match the right horse with the right home.

Cate Osamaston – Owner of Puzzle – Loan through RHRH in September

 I seized the chance for the unsuitable people to be weeded out for me


As an experienced, but still very reluctant horse seller/buyer I seized the chance for the unsuitable people to be weeded out for me and had excellent applicants for my horse. For a small fee he had a big promotion and consequently lots of interest. He is now on trial, with a simple loan agreement that I used from you. I shall definitely use this site again.

Rhian Cole – Loaned Paddy through RHRH in August 2017

Really good service


Overall I found it really good service and when needed contacting RHRH was quick and simple and i got a reply pretty much straight away.

Alyson Jakes – Owner of Joker – Loaned through RHRH in August 2017

the whole process was really smooth


Just wanted to say thankyou for all of your help and advice over the last couple of weeks.
Joker went to his new home with Louise on Sunday, and the whole process was really smooth.
All of the people that came to try him were really lovely and completely genuine, I would definitely recommend you to anybody in a similar situation to myself.
Thankyou again.

Claire Walker – New Loaner of Archie – August 2017

A very useful website with helpful members of staff

Helped me to find the right horse for me to have on a loan agreement that suited both parties and the trust of a 5* home for the horse. A very useful website with helpful members of staff to help when you are unsure.

Nicola – Buyer of Ebony – August 2017

Helpful and professional

Kirsty- Buyer of Jessica – July 2017

Really helpful service 

Really helpful service for buyers and owners. Really like the summarised ticklist of horse qualities.

Rebecca – Owner of George – Sold in July 2017

Great contact and help

Great contact and help through Rebecca which was very much appreciated.

James – Owner of Salierious – Loaned in July 2017

 Can only say that Right Horse Right Home staff have been great

Can only say that Right Horse Right Home staff have been great; very supportive and professional. Have only good things to say about them.

Tina – Owner of Quito – Sold in July 2017

Very impressed with the service received

I have been very impressed with the service received in the short period of time I used the website, and will recommend you to all my horsey friends.

Natalie – Owner of Fleur – Sold in July 2017

Thank you Righthorserighthome!

We are delighted to have found Fleur a wonderful new home locally.

Emily – Owner of Jessica Sold in July 2017

“Lovely staff who are happy to help at anytime”

Lovely staff who are happy to help at anytime. We did have to be patient to find the right home but RHRH have an excellent system that allowed my mum and I to know what the applicants had in mind for Jess. Great service, thank you!

Vanessa – Bought Tilly through RHRH in June 2017

Excellent website with genuine sellers.


Excellent website with genuine sellers. Would definitely recommend A****

Lauren – Buyer of Bella – Bought in June 2017

Very easy & best horse buying experience yet! Seamless


Really helpful website- cuts the heart ache out of searching endlessly.

Rachel – Owner of Spirit – Sold through RHRH June 2017

Right Horse Right Home was also very helpful in making sure our advert was as successful as possible

spirit grey

We had a couple of very promising applications for rehoming our pony through the website. He did go to a wonderful home through one of the applications. We had no time wasters and people only applied if they genuinely thought the pony would be right for them. Right horse right home was also very helpful in making sure our advert was as successful as possible.  Thank you for helping us find the right home for our much loved and outgrown pony!

Sofi – The new owner of Max – Bought in June 2017
 “Within 2 days of applying for Max, I bought him and he is everything I said I wanted.”

I have been looking for a horse for about 6-8 months to no avail. I was either too late to view or, mostly, people didn’t reply to my phone calls, or it was sold weeks or even months ago. One horse had been sold 12 months ago and still advertised! I then found Right Horse Right Home, paying to apply for a horse and giving all details about yourself is a good idea and it worked. Within 2 days of applying for Max, I bought him and he is everything I said I wanted. I believe paying prevents too many time wasters to apply.

Elle – Loaner of Sonny – Loaned in June 2017

“I found ‘right horse right home’ great to use.”

I found ‘right horse right home’ great to use, put in everything I wanted and it showed me all the compatible horses and I now loan a gorgeous little guy who is perfect for me!

Moira – Owner of Tottie – Sold via RHRH in June 2017

I thoroughly recommend this site, it is a new way of selling and I’m sure will soon be as popular as on-line dating!


Having made the very difficult decision to sell Tottie I advertised her on one of the top mainstream sites. After a few weeks I had only received a few totally unsuitable enquiries.
My yard owner recommended RHRH which I hadn’t heard of. I looked at some of the wanted adds and there were lots of possibilities so listed her. Early the next morning I received a lovely email from Lucy. She sounded perfect for Tottie and came over a few days later and the deal was done!
I am 100% happy that it is the right home. For 5 years Tottie has looked after me and made me a much more accomplished and confident rider, now ready to move on to another level. I’m sure she will have a lot of fun with her new Mum and will do the same for her.
I thoroughly recommend this site, it is a new way of selling and I’m sure will soon be as popular as on-line dating!
Thank you so much Rebecca x

Lucy Lunt – New Owner of Tottie – Bought in June
“Right Horse Right Home is akin to the most upmarket, bespoke internet dating service . Unlike other horse sale sites, they know their customers, both buyers and sellers, the site is kept up to date and the information is accurate and extensive.”
Tottie2 (1)
“Having contacted Rebecca about one of my applications she suggested I look at a horse that I thought was out of my price range. She assured me that this vendor really did view the home as more important than the price and she thought we were well matched. This mare was indeed totally perfect for me and I was offering the owner the life she wanted for her beloved horse. After one visit we were able to negotiate a mutually satisfactory deal. A brilliant service and one I would recommend to all those looking for the right horse or the right home.”
Lynne Thompson, Owner of Turtle sold in June 2017
“Right Horse Right Home provide an excellent professional and friendly service , one that I wouldn’t hesitate to use again if the need arises.  Thank you Rebecca for your help and advice and enabling me to find The Right Home for my horse .”
Caroline – Buyer of Gus – June 2017

“Would definitely recommend Right Horse Right Home, it was straight forward & ensures you are only connected with the horses or ponies most suited to your needs.”

“After looking through the easily accessible website we found a potential horse to view. After the recent loss of an elderly beloved equine best friend we were somewhat cautious & nervous about looking for & finding another horse. The advert described the horse well & an initial phone call allowed me to describe exactly what we were looking for. We viewed & tried the horse twice & after a successful vetting collected ‘Guss’. He seems to be settling well & is a lovely laid back boy. We hope we have found a new best friend.
Would definately recommend Right Horse Right Home, it was straight forward & ensures you are only connected with the horses or ponies most suited to your needs. Thank you”

Gillian – Owner of Luna – Mare For Loan – Rehomed through us in May 2017

 “Very friendly and easy to use!”

Gillian, also said the quality of the applicants she received was excellent and would 100% recommend our service to other horse owners and used us rather than a conventional website as we offered a safer way to find the right home.


Vicky Ward – Owner of Breeze – Sold through RHRH May 2017

“Very helpful site for people who really care about where their horses are rehomed.”


Simon – Buyer of Paddy – Bought in May 2017

“RHRH is horse buying with the hassle removed. puts the buyer in contact with the right seller (and visa versa) in an easy way so everyone wins and takes you both to what you are looking for very quickly. this will be my first port of call when I need to look again. “Paddy5

Kelly – Owner of Freddie – Sold through RHRH in May 2017

After making the very difficult decision to sell my very much loved boy, I am really pleased that I have found him a lovely new local home through Right Horse Right Home.
Freddie will move to his new home at the end of the month and I wish his new owners many happy years with him.


Alison – Owner of Starlo – Sold through RHRH in May 2017

The team at RHRH were always very supportive as I found it quite difficult emotionally to sell my horse. They gave me guidance regarding applications and were always at the end of the phone when I needed advice or help. And they made me persevere! I now have the perfect competition home for my youngster.


Julia – Owner of Maddie & Melie – Rehomed together through RHRH in May 2017

From the beginning to end the support and service from RHRH was superb. Applicants were genuine and our treasured ponies have found lovely new homes within a month of being on the site. Thank you.

Mellie3 (1)

Katherine – New owner of Coco – Bought through RHRH in May 2017

I’ve been looking for a second horse for what seems a lifetime. Right Horse Right Home made it easier for me and a safer way to buy a horse. Coco is exactly what was advertised. A no nonsense straight forward purchase.  Love her to pieces

Rachel – Owner of Alice – Sold through RHRH in May 2017

“This is a wonderful website which helped me find a lovely home for my mare which was my priority. It helped ensure that there weren’t time wasters, just serious applicants which made it a much easier process.”


Charlotte – Owner of Oscar – Sold through us in May 2017

“Right Horse Right Home made the process of selling Oscar very straightforward.”

Right horse right home made the process of selling Oscar very straightforward and it was definitely worth paying the little bit extra to get him promoted as he gained a lot of interest! He was sold to the first lady who came to view him.  He’s going to a lovely home with really nice owners on the last weekend in May. I will be very sad to see him go but he deserves more than I can give him after recently having a baby. “


Vicky – Horse Owner – May 2016

“I would like to thank you for the great service you provide, Calli sold to the first buyer to see her from your site 😀”


Benna Leake – Horse Buyer – May 2016

“I think your website is wonderful and I have recommended it to a lot of my friends.”


Jessica – Owner of Rosie – Sold through RHRH in April 2017

“Rosie has been sold and went to her new home today. Thank you so much for your help in selling her. Take care Jessica”


Kimberley Felix – Horse Buyer – April 2017

“This is definitely the best website I have been on for horses- I really appreciate your help! “

Lucy Nickson – Owner of Numptiana

“Thanks for an excellent service Rebecca. I’d thoroughly recommend.”


Nicki Hawkins – Owner of Dolly – Loaned through RHRH in April 2017

“I would definitely recommend Right Horse Right Home.”

Dolly is a lovely kind mare but can be cheeky and lights up when ridden. She is limited in what she can do now and although she would like to spend the day racing across fields and jumping, physically she is no longer up to it. I had to be very careful when finding a loaner for her and couldn’t believe how lucky I was when Rachel contacted me via Right Horse Right Home. She is everything I wanted for Dolly, an experienced rider who was looking for a happy hack and would enjoy her cheeky ways. I would definitely recommend Right Horse Right Home as they have been very supportive throughout the process.


Laura Thomson – Owner of Annie – Sold through RHRH in March 2017

“The staff are so supportive, making the whole experience (something I was dreading) much easier.”

This site is so easy to use. I had the opportunity to write an advert with plenty of photos that got across the character of my pony and also the type of home that I felt would suit her. Therefore minimising any time wasting on both sides. The staff are so supportive, making the whole experience (something I was dreading) much easier. We found a lovely family for our little pony quite quickly.

Rachel Wallace – Owner of George – Sold through RHRH in February 2017

“We had plenty of viewers and found a lovely home for our horse.”

Right horse Right home worked for me – they were helpful and good at following up. Options for plenty of photos and videos when selling and a fair price. We had plenty of viewers and found a lovely home for our horse.


Helen Connolly – Loaner of Frizzy – rehomed in February 2017

“This website is a fantastic concept and if I need to look for another horse (hope not as LOVE this one) Right Horse Right Home will be the only way I’d look for another horse.”

I am absolutely delighted with the horse I have got through this website. I feel a lot happier getting a horse from an owner who cares enough about where their horse is going to. Far easier to trust the information about the horse. Too many people these days are selling horses as if they are machines and not living creatures, they don’t care where they end up and so it makes you wonder how they have been treated by that owner. £12.99 a month is nothing to pay to get the right match. In my case I only paid for 3 months before I found a match and my requirements were quite specific. This website is a fantastic concept and if I need to look for another horse (hope not as LOVE this one) Right Horse Right Home will be the only way I’d look for another horse.


Annie Pearce – Owner of Silver – loaned through RHRH in January 2017

“I think the service you are running is excellent.”

More responsible ownership is taken for granted in the dog community but less so in the horse world and your service takes much of the stress out of the process of rehoming a horse and offers a level of reassurance.

While I will be sad to see Silver off tomorrow I am very confident he will have a good few years of fun with Jemma and of course I will visit him regularly.  Again many thanks.
Julia Corns – Owner of Rex – Sold through RHRH in January 2017

“A great place to sell your horse!

I had no timewasters and he sold within 3 weeks”

I thought it would take ages to sell him as he’s not everyone cup of tea, but he’s found a fantastic new Mum and they’re well matched. I had no time wasters, only two people came to try him and he sold within a matter of three weeks! Very impressed and pleased with the good service.

Thankyou Right Horse Right Home.


Sue Stratton – Owner of Raclaghy Boy – Sold through RHRH in January 2017

“Had a fabulous personal service from using this website and sold the horse extremely quickly.”


Claire Trowsdale – Owner of Victor – Sold through RHRH in January 2017

“Victor has been sold from your site and went to his new home today, thanks very much a brilliant website.”

Emily Wigg – New Owner of Dash – Sold through RHRH in December 2016

“All my queries were answered promptly.”

Really pleased with the Right Horse Right Home website, applied for 2 horses and owners contacted me near on straight away to arrange viewings. The first horse I saw on this site and went to see, I ended up buying. Would highly recommend, also all my queries were answered promptly.


Elleanor Nicolaidis – Owner of Anna – Sold through RHRH in December 2016

“Right Horse Right Home helped me to find what I thought was the almost-impossible”

Right Horse Right Home helped me to find what I thought was the almost-impossible. Now my mare has the most perfect life, a lady of leisure with occasional hacking in the land that surrounds the cottage. I could not be more grateful to Right Horse Right Home, nor could I rate them more highly. They also created a bespoke sale agreement for us, which was very important to me. Well worth every penny.



Nicola Jordan – Owner of Jigsaw – Loaned through RHRH in November 2016

“Within a week a suitable person was interested in my horse”

Within a week a suitable person was interested in my horse. We emailed and chatted on the phone and everything sounded right. She was the first person to see my horse and was keen to have her on loan. Rebecca and Cara helped me with the loan agreement and finding someone to do a yard check too.

Alison Hall – Owner of Spider – Loaned through RHRH in November 2016

“Excellent support, definitely recommend the site”

After months of endless timewasters, 1 week on RHRH, lots of lovely applicants and my horse was in his new home within 2weeks! Excellent support, definitely recommend the site. Thank you

Moira Blackledge – Owner of Charlie – Sold through RHRH in November 2016

“By operating a membership policy there is an underlying level of commitment and honesty.”

Having given us so much joy and special memories, we wanted to do the right thing by our beloved Charlie & make sure he was matched to the right jockey and home. He was only advertised on Right Horse Right Home and we were fortunate to receive a range of genuine enquiries. I was asked by a friend why I chose this site and simply described it as ‘Tinder’ for horses, ensuring that both parties do not waste time (& emotions!). I also feel that by operating a membership policy there is an underlying level of commitment and honesty. We are so pleased to have found Charlie a new caring & knowledgeable home where we know that he will give more years of pleasure.




Andrew Hazell – The new owner of Charlie

“Impressed with the process, well worth the monthly fee”

Sally Spencer – New Owner of Jim – Sold through RHRH in November 2016

“He was described as a gentle giant and that is exactly what he is.”

We are delighted with our lovely new horse Jim. The owners were honest and clearly cared about him and were happy for us to have him for a short trial period.He was described as a gentle giant and that is exactly what he is. Thank you!


Petra Hall – Owner of Miley – Sold through RHRH in October 2016

“I had my horse listed for 1 week and I found an excellent home for her”

I think this is a fabulous website. I had my horse listed for 1 week and I found an excellent home for her. I could not have asked for a better service and I can only recommend this website to anyone who is looking to buy or wants to sell a horse.


Hannah Perumalla – Owner of Poppy – Sold in October through RHRH

“The match was perfect and effortless”

I was very happy with Right Horse Right home, it was straight forward and within a quick space of time I received an application, describing what she was looking for and knew exactly what I  had and the match was perfect and effortless, previous to this I had tons of time wasters.



Natalie Clark – Owner of Eventer Comet – Loaned through RHRH in October 2016

“It’s been a much easier process than I thought it would be.”

Thank you for all your help, it’s been a much easier process than I thought it would be. I had no idea how I was going to advertise him before I came across your site as I am slightly anti the various groups on Facebook.  Applicant Sue seems like a perfect home for Comet.
Katy Bingham – New Owner of Mimi – Sold through RHRH in October 2016

“I can honestly say Right Horse Right Home has been truly amazing”

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your team. All the fingers and toes crossing did indeed work! We viewed Mimi on Saturday and she is perfect for us, beautiful, quirky and just what we’ve been searching for. We are picking her up next week and she is coming to join our other 2 and we are really looking forward to this opportunity and new challenges. A big thank you to Roberta ( Mimi’s owner) and a big thank you to Right Horse Right Home. Feeling very happy and excited!!

We had been looking for a new horse properly for about a month, we had viewed a couple but they hadn’t been right for us. Unfortunately I have found that some people aren’t true in what they have advertised and I can honestly say Right Horse Right Home has been truly amazing. Mimi was exactly as described and we really are over the moon. She ticks all the right boxes and is amazingly literally 10 mins from our yard – we are so looking forward to the next few months and for a great future with Mimi.

We had been looking for a new horse properly for about a month, we had viewed a couple but they hadn’t been right for us. Unfortunately I have found that some people aren’t true in what they have advertised and I can honestly say Right Horse Right Home has been truly amazing. Mimi was exactly as described and we really are over the moon. She ticks all the right boxes and is amazingly literally 10 mins from our yard – we are so looking forward to the next few months and for a great future with Mimi.

I really can’t thank you and your site enough. The fact there is a fee is a bonus and allows people whom are genuinely looking to offer a loving home speaks volumes to me. I would recommend your site to anyone looking for or selling their horses.

Thank you again for everything and I will let you know how Mimi gets on….. I have a feeling she will be a superstar but Roberta ( her owner) says we mustn’t let Mimi hear that..!!!!!


Susan White – Loaner of Comet – Rehomed through RHRH in October 2016

“Very good website. Impressed.”

Susan is a 3* event rider and was looking for an event horse for her pupil that she teaches to do low level eventing.   Susan is a PE Teacher at the Sir William Perkins school in Chertsey and her daughter is currently at 2* level.  Susan has 6 BE pupils that she teaches ranging from 80cm to 2*.   We wish Comet all the very best for the future in his new home. His owner Natalie will keep in regular contact and go to watch him locally in competitions.



Charlotte Gibbs – Owner of Rupert – Loaned through RHRH in October 2016

“The fact that applicants have to pay a small membership fee, for me meant that it would be someone who was really interested and would eliminate time wasters.”

I have owned Rupert (15.2hh TB X Welsh) for 10 years and together we went from having done very little to competing at BE100. He’s been the most amazing horse for me and I feel that I owe a lot to him. However at 18, having suffered a number of injuries, the time came for Rupert to live a quieter life, and find a loan dressage home.  Having researched Right Horse Right Home I felt it was the best option for finding a genuine home that would love him like I do but that would also enjoy the same ridden work as him. There were over 15 applications for Rupert and most of the people seemed to be a really suitable match. I was able to explain his special requirements honestly and the applicants told me what they were looking for. The fact that applicants have to pay a small membership fee, for me meant that it would be someone who was really interested and would eliminate time wasters.

Rupert went to his new loan home yesterday. It was a day of mixed emotions, I was very sad to let him go but happy that I had found someone who I truly believe will look after him as well as I would. They sent me pictures and a video of Rupert on arrival and he was happily grooming his new field companion.

Charlotte Collyer & Rupert

Sian Carter – Owner of Ex Racehorse Storme Ahead – Sold through RHRH in September 2016

“Takes the stress out of selling your horse”

Excellent service, rules out the time wasters. Highly recommended. Takes the stress out of selling your horse. Very happy seller 🙂


Julie Burton – New owner of Grace – Sold in August 2016

“It was a seamless experience”

It was a seamless experience, I knew what I wanted and feel blessed that I found Grace. We are bonding nicely, and Grace has the freedom and 1:1 care and love that she rightly deserves.



Hannah Falk – New owner of Rojo – sold in August 2016

“I have found using Right Horse Right Home super easy. It has made looking for a horse a pleasure and the staff have also been amazing and really helpful. Thank you to all involved.”




Claire Higgins – Loaner of Henry – put on loan in August 2016

“Excellent website, easy to use and the matches emailed to you are brilliant – this is how I found Henry. It’s a fabulous way of making sure the owners find the best possible home for their horses too as they can weed out the timewasters or those who ‘make’ the horse fit their needs.”

Henry July 2016 stood up

Louise Barker – Owner of Mikey – put on loan in July 2016

A friend introduced me to Right Horse. I found the whole process stress free. It is a very effective way to find the best home for your horse particularly when it is such a hard decision. He found a lovely home within a week. Highly recommended.


Louise Ferrand – New Owner of Brazil – Sold in July 2015

“A fantastic website that takes the stress out of buying or selling your beloved pet”

Right Horse Right Home is a fantastic website that takes the stress out of buying or selling your beloved pet.  Rebecca Evans could not have been more helpful or understanding and thanks to the website I am now the proud owner of the perfect horse for me.  I would never buy or sell a horse again unless through Right Horse Right Home.  A brilliant idea, I can’t think why someone didn’t think of it before!  Thank you!


Jane Dawson – New Owner of Johnny – sold through RHRH in July 2016

“I found the website easy to use”

I found the website easy to use and the email notifications really helped me to hone in on the horses likely to be most suitable for me.  All the vendors I spoke to seemed to genuinely want the right home for their horse and, unlike some websites, Rebecca ensured that missed messages were followed up rather than my experience of other sites when enquiries are ignored.


Hannah Evans – New Owner of Victor- sold through RHRH in July 2016

“It’s like match.com for horses and riders!”

I think this is an absolutely brilliant concept…it’s like a match.com for horses and riders!! Would say the website could do with a few tweaks here and there, but I have already recommended friends to use this site. Thank you so much. I’m looking forward to many happy years ahead with Victor!


Gerri Wilson – Owner of Apollo – sold through RHRH in June 2016

“All the applicants I received were very genuine”

I chose this website because it looked like one I could trust to find the right person to buy our lovely horse. All the applicants I received were very genuine and I sold Apollo to a lovely new home. I have spoken to Rebecca at Right Horse Right Home a number of times and she is very helpful knowledgeable and friendly.



June Atkinson – New owner of Apollo – Bought in June 2016

We found the process of buying our new horse far less stressful thanks to Right Horse Right Home.We would definitely use their service in the future.


Claire Barton – New Loaner of Harry – arranged through RHRH in June 2016

We are really pleased with Harry, he has settled in well and is enjoying a quieter life in Norfolk. We recently took him on a 8 mile farm ride, hosted by our local estate. He was fantastic. I’ve attached a picture of us, just before enjoying an evening ride with my daughter and her pony. Thank you for letting us rehome him we are really pleased with him.”


Claire Carpentier – Owner of Florence sold through RHRH in June 2016

“I would highly recommend this service – it is the way forward for responsible caring horse owners/sellers/buyers.”

I was a little skeptical about using this service, but having had previous experience of selling horses I was hoping to avoid the tidal wave of phone calls asking questions that, quite frankly, I would have included in the original ad e.g. will your horse affiliate, how high can it jump, does it have excellent dressage scores and oh the teenage dreamers wanting a free ride!! etc etc etc… plus all the magazines and internet companies trying to sell you further adverts!! So I gave RHRH a go. Nothing happened for a few days then Cara called with some follow up questions from potential buyers then I got four “matches” within 3-4 days – all looked ideal – it was really great to be able to read their “profile”! The first people to come and view her saw how well she fitted what they wanted and bought her. I was SO delighted that I had avoided all the hassle and found my beautiful girl the ideal family home. I would highly recommend this service – it is the way forward for responsible caring horse owners/sellers/buyers.