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County Court Judgement Checks

CCJ Checks Give Huge Peace of Mind

A County Court Judgement (CCJ) check provides information on whether an individual has been taken to Court for unpaid, outstanding debt as a result of not fulfilling the terms of a formal agreement or contract.

Sadly there seem to be a growing number of unscrupulous individuals who will acquire horses but have little regard for their welfare and can appear to be very honourable.    Appearances can be very deceptive at times and getting a CCJ check done, given it’s relative low cost, @ just £15, can give a horse owner significant peace of mind and could potentially save your horse’s life.

There is no public register where we can check whether an individual has previously been convicted of an Animal Welfare Offence or even has a ban.

CCJ checks can be a useful indicator as to whether the individual is realistically able to care for your horse long term, to a high standard, and cover any contingency costs which invariably crop up where horses are concerned.

Once you purchase this service, you will be asked to provide the name and address details of the individual you wish to have the check carried out on.  Once complete a report will then be emailed to you.

It is important to remember,  Judgments are held against the address supplied to the court at the time of the hearing. The check does not link to past addresses.