Horse Sales Contract

Purchasing a Horse Sales Contract that is tailor made to the horse can be invaluable in preventing a dispute or resolving a future dispute.

Our bespoke horse sales contract for £24.99 is drafted by hand to meet your requirements. The template document has been created for horse owners by specialist equine solicitors & includes a fully comprehensive array of common covenants and clauses that will safeguard & cover you against most events or circumstances.

Right Horse Right Home Sale Agreements include;

  • the name and address of Owner and Buyer
  • the description of the horse as advertised
  • any additional oral assurances that a seller has given that has influenced a Buyer to purchase the horse
  • the agreed sale price for the horse
  • waiver of the Seller/Owner’s responsibility for the horse’s performance, health or welfare after sale

Once purchased, a short survey will be emailed to you to complete, the answers to which will help to tailor the individual nature of your agreement.

A PDF copy of the agreement is sent via email & this should be duplicated and signed by all parties. This becomes your legally binding contract between your buyer(s) & yourself.

Buyers are strongly advised to undertake an independent pre-purchase veterinary examination prior to purchase.