Lead Rein Ponies for sale with Impeccable Manners

Lead Rein Ponies must have Impeccable Manners

Finding safe lead rein ponies for sale which are a mother’s dream; in that they have manners to die for, will not spook at any type of traffic or plastic bag in the hedge and that will stand patiently whilst being groomed and pampered for hours, may feel like an impossible task. These small ponies must be total angels when being ridden by their young charges, 100% safe when hacking, they must not be strong or so slow that they will not budge when asked. Ideally the must also look super cute, be adorable, affectionate and not opposed to be dressed up to look like unicorns or Peter Pan.

If you can imagine a lead rein pony as a robot that essentially has a steering wheel, accelerator and handbrake with no fancy buttons, ie no bucking, spinning, reaching for grass at any given opportunity or refusing to move when asked, this is what many mums and dads would consider the dream lead rein pony. The bombproof, been there done it, safe lead rein pony that is unfazed if the jockey gets it wrong or all the other ponies are getting very excited, who knows they have a young child on board and keeps them safe will be sought after by many parents and can command quite a price tag.

Welsh Sec A’s Make Ideal Lead Rein Ponies

Little Welsh Section A ponies often make ideal lead rein ponies, as do Dartmoors and little miniature cobs. The ideal lead rein pony is often between 11.2h – 12.2h. Shetland ponies are smaller but finding one which is suitably mannered for the job of lead rein pony can be very difficult as they are a notoriously naughty breed and not the easiest to handle.

Finding that special Lead Rein Pony

When seeking out a lead rein pony it is best to look for one who has been established in this role for a number of years with a family who has owned the pony for at least 12 months, ideally longer. If a pony has been owned for less than 12 months it is usually being sold because it was unsuitable for the job as it is unlikely to be outgrown in such a short space of time. Often ponies that are experts in their craft will be well known to their local pony club, so it can be a good idea to put feelers out locally that you are looking and that you can provide a good loving home.

Be sure that when you do find a possible pony that you ask plenty of questions, try the pony out and ideally ask for a trial period to ensure it is suitable for your needs. They need to be good to catch, happy to be handled and groomed by children, and generally have very good manners. It is also ideal if the pony is well mannered when ridden off the lead rein as whilst some ponies are excellent lead rein ponies many are not so angelic when the lead rein is removed and they are asked to listen only to the commands from the jockey.

Right Horse Right Home will often have lead rein ponies both for sale and for loan advertised. You can use the many search filters on the website in accordance with size, sex, area and suitable behaviours. Below are a list of current ponies under 13.2h listed.

If you can’t find what you are looking for. By all means register on the website and add a FREE Wanted Advert. We will then notify you when new ponies are listed that meet your requirements.

Ponies Under 13.2h Available for Sale or Loan

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