Confidence Giving Horses For Loan

Confidence Giving Horses For Loan

Find confidence givers for loan who have been well trained and have the ability and experience to help a rider learn, perfect their riding skills and help them gain in confidence.

There are certain attributes that all good ‘confidence givers’ should have but they can also be specialists in one field rather than allrounders. They might be a dressage schoolmaster who can teach you how to do the perfect flying change but would not be good at showjumping, for example. It is important to understand exactly what you want from a horse.  An all round schoolmaster is likely to be an older horse which may then include other issues, such as health and management requirements.

 Traits to consider when looking for a good confidence giver are:
  • Willingness: even if the horse isn’t the best mover, if he accepts the rider’s aids and keeps thinking forward, then the rider will be able to learn without feeling afraid.
  • Well trained: to ensure that any rider, if asking correctly will receive the desired outcome which will in turn boost the riders confidence.
  • No vices: they should be well mannered on the ground, in the stable and under saddle. A sensible brain that is not too sharp or spooky.

What breed makes a good ‘confidence giver’?

Thoroughbreds, are popular at higher levels due to their athleticism, speed and stamina, Irish Sport Horses are more popular at the lower levels as they tend to have the right combination of athleticism and a sensible brain. Other breeds that can also be considered are  Connemara’s and some Cob’s as well as crossbreeds.  That said, you can find a ‘confidence giver’ of any breed, if it has had the right consistent training and has a calm mild mannered temperament, which can usually also be found in older horses.

Loaning a ‘Confidence Giver’:

Read our blog about loaning a horse – here.

Things to consider when finding a ‘confidence giver’:

  • Does the horse need any special care or medications? This may not be a deal breaker but it is something to consider for the long term wellbeing of the horse and the financial implications.
  • Does the horse need extra time to warm up? A confidence giver is likely to be an older horse, as experience demands age and, therefore, he may be stiffer and need longer to warm up and may also need additional joint supplements.  If he’s fit and well, he will still have many more years ahead of him.

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