Connemara Ponies for sale

Right Horse Right Home often has some super Connemara Ponies for Sale.  Connemara Ponies are elegant, hardy and intelligent with great agility and superb jumping ability. They are probably the best competition ponies in the world.

The Connemara Pony is named after the wild rocky Connemara region on Ireland’s west coast, where hardy ponies have existed for hundreds of years. The pony was valued for it’s versatile abilities, good temperament and hardy disposition.

Whether you’re looking for a pony for show-jumping or eventing; dressage riding or to utilise as a driving pony, the Connemara cannot be bettered, it is a top class performance pony.

Connemaras range between 13 hands to 14.2 hands and are sturdily built, with an attractive pony head, good depth of girth and free-flowing action. They are very agile, with good feet and legs (a benefit of their heritage in the rough, craggy terrain of Galway). Their coat color can be dun, bay, black, brown or grey.

The Connemara crossed with breeds such as the Thoroughbred are also very popular as this mix then produces a horse rather than a pony and adds depth of girth, bone and docility to the athleticism of the Thoroughbred.

Current Connemara Ponies for Sale

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