Cobs for Sale

Cobs for sale and loan

Although not a specific ‘breed’ Cob horses are one of the most popular types of horses in the UK for a variety of different reasons. These characters of the horse world come in all guises – coloured cobs, gypsy cobs, showing cobs, not to mention your good old bombproof happy hacker. Cobs make wonderful hunting horses as well as wonderful friends, in this article we look at which type of cob suits each rider as well as where to find them.

Happy Hacker

If you just want a safe, bombproof horse for sale then the Cob is a great option. Generally, cobs possess the level headed qualities that make them excellent hacking companions. Cobs make great weight carrying horses, and for those on a budget it is possible to find cobs for sale under £1000. Cobs have the perfect temperament to make great family horses for everyone to fuss over.

Showing Star?

If you fancy yourself as the next HOYS winner, you will be in good company with Cob classes being one of the larges on the showing circuit. Coloured Cobs, Lightweight Cobs (capable of carrying up to 14 stone,) Heavyweight Cobs (capable of carrying over 14 stone,) and Maxi Cobs, as well as Traditional (feathered) Cobs are all eligible. When looking for a show cob for sale or loan, look for a mixture of substance and quality, good flat bone and straight movement and remember the old adage, a cob should have, ‘the head of a lady and the backside of a cook!’

To find your next showing Cob for sale or loan, showing groups on Social media can be a good start, but due to popularity and desirability it really helps if you can tell people what you are looking for. Companies such as Right Horse Right Home offer the ability to post a detailed wanted advert to such groups specifying exactly what you are looking for allowing people with suitable Cobs for sale or loan to come to you directly. To create a free wanted advert with Right Horse Right Home simply register and Click here.


Cob horses and ponies make great allrounders. Cobs are steadfast, bombproof and happy to have a go at everything. They make great Pony Club and Riding Club horses, and it is not unusual to see Cob horses excelling in the dressage arena as well. Who can forget event rider Ben Hobday riding his ‘super cob’ Mulry’s Error clear around Badminton last year? Cob horses make great first horses due to their temperament and ability to be kept with relative ease. They are good doers generally, with good feet and can live out happily. As Cob horses are not necessarily a specific breed and are very popular they can be found for sale or loan in a variety of places, but always make sure you know the history and a bit about your potential purchase. Once again, websites like Right Horse Right Home allow users to find out a large amount of detail about each Cob for sale on their site and offer a tried and tested service allowing buyers and sellers liaise extensively with owners before viewing.

Gypsy Cobs

Many people searching for cobs look to a Gypsy Cob for sale, expecting to find a cheap horse under £1000. However, many Gypsy Cobs have very specific breeding and in fact of all Cobs are the only recognised ‘breed.’ Associated with the Romany Gypsies and generally feathered, these beautiful horses can be found at large horse sales, or via dealers, but if you are looking it is always better to find a horse for sale from a reputable breeder, dealer or via a secure site such as Right Horse Right Home that offers transparency to potential buyers.

As you can see Cobs really are the most versatile horse of the equine kingdom. Their ability to ‘turn their hoof’ at a variety of jobs makes them safe allrounders. When looking for a cob for sale or loan, know what you are looking for and what you want from your horse to ensure a happy purchase. Visit Right Horse Right Home today to find the perfect Cob for sale for you.

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