Top Tips For Buying an Ex Racehorse

Thinking About Buying An Ex-Racehorse?

Rehoming, buying or loaning an ex racehorse can be a rewarding way to find a versatile, athletic and intelligent horse. Many ex-racehorses have proven they can turn their hoof to anything after life on the track be it dressage, eventing, hacking, endurance riding, hunting or showjumping. In this article we explore the best way to go about sourcing and managing an off the track racehorse or retired racehorse.

An ex racehorse for sale is identified as a registered Thoroughbred that has a Weatherby’s passport and has been in training at some point. Many horses that start a career in racing do not end there and a lot of Thoroughbred’s end up becoming ex racehorses for sale either after their career has ended or simply because they didn’t make the grade. Approximately 4,000 racehorses leave racing each year so the supply of ex racehorses to choose from is vast.  They can often be seen as a cheap option to a quality horse but it is wise to consider where they have come from, their history and what you want from the horse.

Should I Buy an Ex -Racehorse ?

Ex racehorses really are like any other horse – on the good side they will have been well handled from a young age, have had regular checks and been hopefully well looked after. They will be used to being ridden and retired racehorses for sale generally will have a known history. They will, however, need to get used to a different way of hacking or schooling and will need patience and time to find their way in a new job. Many of the cues and aids taught conventionally can be very different with an ex racehorse or off the track Thoroughbred. It is therefore wise to be realistic in your own ability before choosing to take on an ex racehorse.

Like any other horse or pony for sale, ex racehorses need feeding, care and time. A retired racehorse may need specialist feeding or shoeing and back and teeth checks.

It may be that you are looking to buy an already retrained ex racehorse, in which case the initial riding work has been done for you, but the level of care will remain the same. Horses such as these can make wonderful partners, but it is always wise to look out for the factors listed below.

Top Questions!

Ex racehorses for sale can be found on racing yards, through dealers, via equine charities and at horse sales or auctions. Wherever you choose to look it is important to make sure that you identify some of the following factors.

  • Has the ex racehorse for sale had any re training at all since leaving the track?
  • Has the seller of the ex racehorse been honest and open in the reason for sale?
  • Has the ex racehorse for sale had any injury or veterinary problems which led to its retirement?
  • Do you trust the owner / trainer of the ex racehorse for sale and feel confident it is right for you and can perform the job you want it for.
  • Do you feel suitably confident to continue with the horse’s re education since leaving training?
  • Do you have competent instructors who can guide and support you in the horse’s training?

If you are wishing to find an ex racehorse for loan it is always wise to ensure you have a secure loan agreement with the owner before taking the horse on.

In many cases it is worth going via a reputable sales site such as Right Horse Right Home which helps to ensure sellers are legitimate and transparent throughout the sales process. As well as this, should you wish to loan an ex racehorse they offer tailor made loan agreements which ensure both parties are protected if a loan arrangement is made. Alternatively Retraining of Racehorses suggest these additional routes which you can explore here.

Already Retrained Ex Racehorses and RoR

Many people take on ex racehorses and find they are wonderful in their new roles. Some make wonderful hunting horses and others may enjoy a quiet life as a hacking horse.

Already retrained racehorses make excellent competitors, but it is always wise to check with the owner for any temperamental issues or quirks. Again, by using a service such as Right Horse Right Home you can be sure an possible pitfalls can be addressed before purchase.

Retraining of Racehorses ( RoR ) was set up to help provide a ‘safety net’ for former racehorses and promote their use as general riding horses. They fund and run an established programme of events for ex racehorses in the fields of Eventing, Dressage, Showjumping, Showing and Polo. Thoroughbreds must be registered with Weatherbys and have either raced in the UK or Overseas or been in training to be eligible for RoR classes.

Owners can take their retrained racehorse and compete in a variety of disciplines at a varying levels of ability as well as attend training clinics and events available. To see horses currently available which are eligible for RoR classes click on the selection below.

As you can see from the horses listed, retrained racehorses for sale can make super riding horses. At Right Horse Right Home we aim to make sure that each horse finds the right home and that owners and buyers can feel safe in the knowledge they are getting a horse suitable for their needs. For more information on how it works click here.

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