Hunters For Sale and Loan

Hunters for sale and loan

Finding a horse that is ‘Good To Hunt’ can be difficult due to the demanding nature of the role and the variety of horses that love and are good to hunt. There is no set ‘type’ of horse that fits the ‘good to hunt’ label , they can be CobsIrish Sport Horses, and even Thoroughbreds but they must possess one vital behavioural characteristic; they must be safe and sensible when riding out in a large group and at speed. 

At Right Horse Right Home owners have to specify, when listing their horses with us, whether they are  ‘Good To Hunt’. This, along with the other unique search functions we offer, means it has never been easier to find the right horse for you.

How Do You Know if a Horse is Suitable For Hunting?

The answer to that is that you don’t really know until you get there, but there is no reason why any horse shouldn’t learn to hunt well. Many horses can get excitable being at such an amazing “party”. Early season hunting/ ride out with the hounds or cubbing is perfect for horses who haven’t hunted, and for young, green horses because things happen at a more gentle pace. There is often more standing-around time for them to soak up what is going on. If your horse is used to busy collecting rings and doesn’t mind dogs there’s every chance they’ll be fine. Be sensible and stay to the side  / back of the main field so your horse has a chance to look at what’s going on, rather than throwing them straight into the middle of the pack. Also, the second time out is likely to be more interesting. Your horse now is aware of what is going on so may be even more excitable. The more they go out, the more they should settle and learn their job.

What Type of Hunter Do You Want?

Different people will have different requirements for their hunter. Some will want a horse that is happy to stay at the back, help with gates, lead young children and ponies or just to enjoy the day at a slower pace. Others will want to be up front in the thick of it and will require a horse that is not going to get in the way of the Hunt Masters whilst also having the stamina and fitness to be galloping and jumping for longer lengths of time.

Some hunts offer alternative routes so no jumping is required, whilst others will require all participants to be able to jump hedges, walls, ditches, cross water etc.

Another consideration for when you are searching for a horse that is good to hunt is the ability to leave the field. If you decide you or the horse have had enough then you will want a horse that is safe to hack home, or back to the horsebox, possibly alone. They must then be good to handle and load again to get home. The right attitude and temperament in a horse really is key when finding a horse to hunt. That is why, at Right Horse Right Home we have a specific search for horse that are deemed ‘Good To Hunt’ by their owners. This, along with the other unique search functions that we offer, means it has never been easier to find the right horse for you.

Right Horse Right Home also offers the ability to post a detailed wanted advert, specifying exactly what you are looking for allowing people with suitable horses for sale or loan to come to you directly. To create a free wanted advert with Right Horse Right Home simply register and Click here.

As you can see horses that hunt well really are worth their weight in gold if this is a discipline you wish to pursue.  When looking for a horse or pony for sale or loan, know what you are looking for and what you want from your horse to ensure a happy purchase. Visit Right Horse Right Home today to find your perfect hunting partner today.

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