How Do I Value My Horse ?

When valuing a horse, what factors would you usually take into account? What can make a horse particularly valuable, and in turn what can significantly decrease its value?

When valuing a horse it is important to know what the majority of people want in a new horse and this has a large impact on the value of that horse. Unlike other websites we can see how many people apply for each and every horse advertised with us so it provides considerable insight into the demand for certain horses. I always like to think there is a good home out there for every horse that can do a job, it is simply a matter of marketing the horse appropriately and pitching its price correctly.

What job the horse can do will ultimately dictate its price, age also plays a part as do other factors such as how long the horse has been with its current owner. Horses that can turn their hoof to any discipline, have proven their salt, are well mannered, still in their prime and can be ridden by both experienced and novice riders and are safe to hack can reach very good prices and owners can literally choose the perfect home from the choice of buyers who will swarm adverts like this.

Horses that rear, bronk or bolt and are dangerous and require very experienced, confident riders can be difficult to find homes for. It can be done and honesty is paramount when advertising horses like this, as too is confirming that any behaviour displayed is not pain related and the required investigations by professionals have been carried out. We have managed to find excellent, appropriate homes for challenging “problem” horses but it really is crucial owners describe them, warts and all, so that buyers can make an informed decision as to whether they can manage the issues the horse has. You can read about a particularly quirky horse that we sold here.

Why can competition horses in particular fetch such high prices?

People love to go out and compete and they love to win.. competition horses are very popular and can command high prices especially if their results prove their capabilities and there are videos on the advert to back this up.  However if the horse is not easy to manage, is high maintenance and is not reliable to hack out this will hinder the price.  Likewise if the horse cannot pass a full vet exam this will reduce the likelihood of a sale.  Horses that are schoolmasters and know their craft can command very high prices especially if they are safe and well mannered and the age of the horse then becomes much less of an issue.

What are the most popular horses to sell or loan ?

We have sold so many horses I can’t think of one in particular that stands out.  Horses and ponies available for full loan however are incredibly popular.  Horses and Ponies that are safe to hack, suitable for novice riders and are confidence givers are incredibly well sought after and can sell with us very quickly indeed as we have such a large membership of people looking for these types of horses.  We often sell these horses in just 2-3 days.

Can buying a horse be seen as a good investment? Why?

Personally anyone who buys a horse as a financial investment should proceed with great caution.  So many things can go wrong with horses that are outside of our control such as injuries and illness. We can provide the best training and the best of care but that does not guarantee something will not go wrong and the horse may reduce in value.  Also, unless you have your own land and stables, the cost of keeping a horse will far outweigh any increase you manage to make on its value.  Always insure your horse, always get it vetted before purchase and if your horse is worth more than you paid for it in years to come this should be seen as a bonus and not an end goal.

Why can buying and selling a horse be a stressful experience, and how can Right Horse Right Home help?

Right Horse Right Home offers both buyers and sellers of horses and ponies a much safer and less stressful experience.  Buying horses can be difficult, time consuming and stressful and for the novice buyer it can be very easy to be duped into buying the wrong horse.  Right Horse Right Home, through the questions it asks, both of buyers and sellers, helps to provide a more robust framework where both parties are much more accountable for the information they provide and sellers cannot avoid answering important questions when advertising their horses with us such as; is the horse good to hack alone, good to hack in company, good in traffic, suitable for a novice and so on.  The fact that both parties also have to join a membership helps to vastly eliminate unscrupulous buyers and sellers.  Assistance is also provided to owners who have perhaps not sold a horse before, are not sure how best to market them and indeed are not sure on its value.  Owners get to receive detailed online applications from interested parties which they can read in their own time rather than being bombarded with calls and messages at any time of the day.  Owners can then consider the applications and respond in a timely manner.  They can also easily decline applications if they are wholly unsuitable. We have a great many testimonials from both buyers, loaners and sellers who have used our website and over 90% of those who use us would recommend us and use us again, many saying it is a much easier and safer way to find the right horse or home.

If you have a horse to sell register on the website and follow the steps to “List a  Horse”.  You can upload as many images as you wish and video.  We can even help you with your advert and valuing your horse if needs be.

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