Quirky Horse Finds The Right Owner

At Right Horse Right Home we are often asked to help people with the wording for their horse adverts; pictures, videos and will sometimes also be asked for guidance on price. We see horses from tens of thousands of pounds down to £1 and we help every owner as much as we can. However, every now and then there are those ‘special’ horses that we feel a little more for. It might be that the owner is in a desperate situation and is selling a much loved friend due to a sad change in personal circumstance or a horse that is quirky and in the open market could easily end up in the wrong hands.

This was the case when Louisa listed her lovely gelding, Zack with us. His ‘title’ was “99% Lovely 1% extremely sharp 9 year old 3/4 TB gelding” and Louisa was extremely honest about him.  Louisa herself had owned Zack for 6 years and said “I used to work in racing breaking in yearlings so please do not underestimate me when I say, when fit, this is the sharpest horse I have sat on.”  Finding the most suitable home for Zack with a capable jockey who was fully aware of his quirky behaviour was Louisa’s priority, his price was just £1,000 to include all tack and rugs.

We helped Louisa with her advert and she provided us with some lovely video and he is, of course, very handsome. Aren’t all the ‘quirky’ horses?! 😉We knew it would not be an easy task to find him the right new home and he was only for sale due to Louisa having had a baby and needing a more sedate ride. We promoted him on our Facebook page and his post reached 15,885 people , the video was viewed 👀 over 5,500 times and the post received 130 reactions, comments & shares.  To find the right home for any horse requires huge exposure to their advert, this is even more important with quirky horses where the owner is looking for someone very specific and experienced.   Luckily for Louisa, we monitored and dealt with all the enquiries. She was left to respond to those genuinely interested who went on to the website and submitted an application form for him. 

Zack actually had 4 very good, experienced riders apply for him. The one that Louisa felt was most suitable was a lady called Carrie who, technically was not meant to be looking for a horse until September… or at least that is what she told her husband. 😜
Carrie, like Louisa,  is also an experienced rider, having broken in youngsters and ridden ex-racers. She was looking for a new allrounder and wasn’t at all fazed by Zack’s ability to buck. Carrie left us this testimonial: “This is a great site and is committed to getting it right for buyers and sellers “.

We wish everyone well for their future together and Louisa sent us a lovely testimonial:

“RHRH was absolutely the right place to market my horse. The applicants had already been through a screening process so you only are approached by the most suitable candidates. The staff were incredibly helpful and supportive and I am thrilled that Zachary has found a very loving and fun home. Thank you!!”


If you are interested in the services we provide to help you find the best new home for your horse then do look at our ‘How It Works’ page or read more of our lovely testimonials.

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