Happy Hackers For Sale

Happy Hackers for sale and loan

Finding a genuine happy hacker for sale can be difficult as they are one of the most sought after ‘types’ of horses in the UK for a variety of different reasons. There is no set ‘type’ of horse that fits the ‘happy hacker’ label , they can be Cobs, Gypsy Cobs, ponies and even Thoroughbreds but they must posses one vital behavioural characteristic; they must be good to hack on roads or bridleways, whether that is alone or in company, with other horses or another person on foot or bicycle.

Happy Hacker ‘Type’

If you want a safe, bombproof happy hacker horse then the Cob is a great option. Generally, cobs possess the level headed qualities that make them excellent hacking companions. Cobs make great weight carrying horses, and for those on a budget it is possible to find cobs for sale under £1000. Cobs have the perfect temperament to make great family horses for everyone to fuss over.

Lightweight Cobs (capable of carrying up to 14 stone,) Heavyweight Cobs (capable of carrying over 14 stone,) and Maxi Cobs, as well as Traditional (feathered) Cobs are all perfect examples of happy hackers.

Other breed of horses are also suited to the happy hacking lifestyle, for example Arabs are traditionally well known for their stamina and endurance. They make wonderful horses for long distance rides.

When looking for a happy hacker for sale or loan, look for a mixture of substance and quality, good bone for stamina and straight movement to avoid future ailments.


Different people will have different requirements for their happy hacker. Some will want a horse that is happy to hack anywhere and everywhere, from country lanes, through woods, open fields and even on busy roads. These horses are considered ‘bomb-proof’ as they will be, on the whole, unflappable in all scenarios and you can safely set off with your partner wherever you fancy. Other people may require a horse that is simply happy hacking in company as that is all they will want to do.

The first consideration is whether you will be riding out alone or in company. Horses are generally more content to hack out in company given that they are herd animals. You must really priortise this if you want to hack alone. It is incredibly dangerous to hack on roads or open fields with a horse that is not keen to do so and a rider that is not confident or experienced to educate the horse. We offer the search criteria, ‘Good To Hack Alone’ and ‘Good To Hack in Company’ which makes the hunt for your perfect new horse even easier and takes the guess work out of the horse adverts. Owners listing their horse with us cannot avoid this question as it is a required field.

Equally, in company, a horse can become strong or competitive especially when riding at faster paces. It is important to clarify if the horse is happy to be at the front or back of the ride and if they like to race their friends or not.

The second element to hacking is the terrain that you will encounter when out and about. If you only hack off road then it doesn’t matter so much if the horse is good with large, noisy vehicles. But, if you have to hack on roads, country lanes or busier roads then you need to know that your horse is comfortable with an array of vehicle types. We also offer the search criteria ‘Good with large, noisy vehicles’ to help make your search even easier. You also need to know that you have breaks if you want to hack your horse across open fields. These are all key elements to what makes a horse a ‘Happy Hacker’.

Right Horse Right Home offer the ability to post a detailed wanted advert too, specifying exactly what you are looking for allowing people with suitable horses for sale or loan to come to you directly. To create a free wanted advert with Right Horse Right Home simply register and Click here.

As you can see horses that hack safely really are worth their weight in gold. When looking for a horse or pony for sale or loan, know what you are looking for and what you want from your horse to ensure a happy purchase. Visit Right Horse Right Home today to find your perfect hacking partner today.

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