EqWine - Our hilarious new horse blog series

1. Happy Horse Hunting!

‘Buying a new horse is nothing like buying a new pair of shoes, or handbag, or even a car. For starters, it’s not fun. You don’t get to skip from shop to shop, excitedly checking out whatever Zara, Primark or Ted Baker has to offer. Instead, you have to wade through hundreds of classified ads…’

2. The wait is over

You’ve been horse-hunting for weeks, you’ve tried out a host of unsuitable horses and had more wild rides than David Britnell going round Badminton, but the deed is finally done….

3. Things everyone discovers when they buy a horse

Anyone who’s ever bought a new horse will discover two things. Firstly, you will experience buyer’s remorse, when you wake up in the dead of night in a cold sweat going, ‘Oh god, what have I done?’ This normally happens around two weeks after the horse arriving…

4. The truth about yards and yard mates

Unless you’re lucky enough to have your own land (in which case, can we swap lives please?) then owning a horse invariably means mingling with the general public. That’s right, you get to experience life on a livery yard.

5. Buyer's Remorse

At first, everything’s great. You’re so in love with your new horse that he can do no wrong in your eyes. So what if you can’t get him to go nicely in an outline, or if he keeps getting away from you when you lead him in and out of the field and prances off to visit his new horsemates? At least he’s demonstrating a rather lovely, flowing working trot!