Covid – 19 Equine Update

As of 24th March 2020 all non-essential travel has been banned in the UK.  This means, for the purposes of Right Horse Right Home, and the buying, selling and loaning of horses, any planned visits of prospective buyers or loaners must not take place until after the travel ban has been lifted. Riding horses is a dangerous sport and riding and trying horses which you do not know and are not familiar with should not be undertaken at this time as not only is this travel non essential at this time but also, should there be an accident it will put further undue pressure on the NHS when they least need it.

Horses can still be advertised for sale or loan on the website as we feel as a company, we have a duty to keep the website open and active.  We still have a good number of buyers visiting the website and applying for horses despite the travel ban as many wish to continue to seek out the right horse for them. There are likely to be an increased number of people finding themselves in positions where they will need to sell or loan their horses and the unique process we facilitate will enable them to do this in a safe and responsible manner.

FAQ's on Covid -19 for Horse Owners

For a variety of questions and answers on how the Coronavirus will effect horse owners, livery yard owner, farriers and vets do click below.

And, please remember, the Right Horse Right Home Rewards App, available to our members, also gives access to a range of retail discounts that, in this difficult time, may be of help to you and your family.

Please stay safe.

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