Bombproof Horses For Sale

Bombproof Horses For Sale and Loan

Finding bombproof horses for sale that are well trained, safe and sensible in traffic and have the ability and experience to help a rider learn, perfect their riding skills and help them gain in confidence can be a difficult task but with the search filters facilitated by us at Right Horse Right Home we make this task a great deal easier.

‘Bombproof’ in the literal sense means a bomb could go off next to the horse and it wouldn’t even flinch. This translates in the real world to a safe, sensible horse who doesn’t spook unnecessarily; has been exposed to enough new situations and sensory stimuli with the help and guidance of a good trainer that they are able to cope with ‘scary’ situations.

Children, beginner adults and those who have confidence problems when they ride can benefit from riding a “bombproof” horse. This way, they can learn and address problems without being intimidated by the horse in any way.  Horses that are bombproof are safer because they are not reactive.

There are certain attributes that all ‘bombproof’ horses should have but they can also be specialists in one field or another. They might be a dressage horse who can teach you how to do ride a winning test but would not be good at showjumping, for example. It is important to understand exactly what you want from a horse.  Most bombproof horses are likely to be older which is why they are so sensible.

A bombproof horse comes into its own when out hacking. They should be ‘good with large, noisy vehicles’good to hack alone’ and good with a variety of different traffic from livestock to motorbikes.

Buying a Bombproof Horse:

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