Why Advertise with Right Horse Right Home?

Receive Interest from Serious, Genuine Buyers & Loaners

How often, as owners, when we try to sell or loan our horses have we been inundated with contact from unsuitable candidates who have not taken the time to read your advert fully or who are not realistically in a position to buy or loan a horse. These individuals can be very frustrating indeed wasting valuable time resulting in your horse being advertised longer than necessary. The people who are serious and genuine are often difficult to distinguish from those who are not with potential buyers being lost and time and money being wasted.

Right Horse Right Home offers an easier and more effective way to sell or loan your horse.  Your contact details, as owners, are kept private and only those who take the time and expense to apply for your horse will be put in contact with you.  This process has proven to be a very effective way to filter genuine buyers and loaners and seek out the most appropriate, suitable, long term home for your horse.

Applications Provide a Wealth of Information

Those who are seriously interested in your horse will apply via the website, supplying you, as the owner, with a wealth of information about the home they have to offer and the horse they are seeking.  Thus enabling you as the owner to more easily assess the potential suitability of your horse for the applicant safe in the knowledge that their interest is very genuine as they have gone to the lengths of paying to join in order to apply for your horse and completing the detailed form.  Applicants are eligible to apply for as many suitable horses as they wish during the term of their membership.

Unlimited Images and Video

When listing your horse with us not only will we assist you in writing your advert if you need us to but you can also upload unlimited images and video with our Premier Membership at no further cost to help maximise the attractiveness of your advert.

List More than 1 Horse at No Further Cost

With our Premier Membership, just £24.99, you can advertise as many horses as you like at no further cost with unlimited images and video.

Horses Extensively Promoted

Choose our Premier Membership and your horse will be promoted extensively to help reach the widest possible audience.  You can even add multiple horses for sale at no further cost.  These adverts are marketed to our  100’s of Wanted Adverts from all over the UK, as well as via our E Newsletter and through social media.  We have an incredibly active Facebook page with over 40,000 followers.

Finding 5* Homes Everyday

The process facilitated by Right Horse Right Home has enabled many owners to find truly 5* Homes for their horses. Read some of our many success stories on our Testimonials page here.   You can also read genuine accounts from horse owners who have successfully sold or loaned their horses through the website  here.

Millie Sold Through Right Horse Right Home in June 2022

Just like to say this is a great site. I have just found a great home for Millie from the many who applied for her. I have been really impressed with this system and the help and support received from Rebecca. Would not hesitate to recommend it, hearing from and meeting genuine people who actually want what you have put on offer is priceless.

Owner, Chris

Misty Sold Through Right Horse Right Home in June 2022

“Thanks for providing a fab website which enabled me to find my dream cob”

Catherlagh, buyer of Misty

Silver Sold Through Right Horse Right Home in June 2022

I purchased the lovely Silver from Jess. Omg this horse is amazing and 100% as advertised. I am still in contact with Jess with updates on Silver as she was a genuine seller. Love your way of buying horses. So happy as you can see from the picture. 

Jacqui, Buyer

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