The Value of Membership with Right Horse Right Home

The Value of Membership

Since the launch of Right horse Right Home we have kept the price of membership the same and offered good value for money for buyers, sellers and loaners coupled with professional staff who respond quickly and with kindness to any queries. We are not the cheapest place to sell your horse or indeed buy a horse (as membership is required to liaise with sellers) but we firmly believe the service we offer to our members outweighs the cost payable for membership. Our service, unlike any other, far reduces the likelihood of buying the wrong horse and sending your horse off to an unsuitable home, huge costs are thus avoided both monetarily and emotionally.  The very fact that over 97% of our members surveyed would recommend our service and would use us again is testament to this fact and as a result we have decided to marginally increase the cost of membership to better reflect the increased value and service Right Horse Right Home provides.

You may think…why on earth join as a member in order to liaise with horse owners, there is no requirement to pay on other sites and how do you know the horse is even still available and not already sold?  We can assure you that all the horses on the website are current and available.  Right Horse Right Home is in regular contact with owners and horses are removed as soon as sold, owners are always very quick to inform us as they are fully aware that buyers make applications and join as members in order to get in touch.

Stacey – Owner of Phoenix who was sold through RHRH in August 2018

Fabulous service from the site staff who take a real interest in helping you find a great home for your horse. Applications from potential buyers were of a very high quality and all were serious enquiries. Highly recommended!

A Service Worth Paying for

We take great pride in the quality of the horses listed with us and the integrity of their advertisements.  The owners’ priority is finding the right home for their horse, not simply getting the highest price regardless of the suitability of the buyer or the home they can offer.  Owners who wish to avoid the truth about the behaviour or health status of their horse are not welcome here and as such we ask very specific questions about a horse’s training and behaviour which no other websites insist on.  Buyers and loaners with Right Horse Right Home can make much more informed, safer choices about potential horse suitability.  Over 75% of our horses also have video which again makes the decision process easier for buyers and loaners.

Our membership has grown in the 2.5 years since inception to 20,000 registered users and an average of 150,000 page views on the website each month.  We are on the first page of google now for all popular horse searches which in turn has brought more buyers, sellers and loaners to the website community thus resulting in more horses and ponies available and horses finding the right homes sooner.

We also offer our members additional value by way of discounts through our RHRH Rewards App, including stores like John Lewis, Tesco, Amazon, and Currys to name just a few as well as equine related discounts.  The App provides an excellent choice of money saving opportunities for members as well as quick and easy access to the site through the App.  You can see a full list of additional membership benefits here.

Results from our Feedback Survey

Would recommend our services 97%
Rate the value of their applications as "good" or "excellent" 90%
Would use our services again 89%

Gold Membership - Sellers

As a Gold Member @£14.99 per month, a seller can list as many horses as they wish, with unlimited images and video.  Their horses will not be promoted through our Facebook or Instagram pages nor will they will they be promoted through our E Newsletter, sent to thousands of active buyers, but for £14.99 per month they can still list as many horses as they wish.   This is still a very competitive rate, the comparative cost with other websites such as Horse and Hound or Horse Quest is more than double this cost for just one horse and with Right Horse Right Home the cost is the same whether you have one or more horses to sell.

Other websites will also not give the support and advice that we offer, a personal service, from assistance with writing adverts, required images and video to help with horse valuations.  Gold Members cannot however list horses for sale and make applications for horses, to both buy and sell horses a Premier Membership is required.

Gold Membership Buyers / Loaners

It is necessary to become a Gold Member in order to apply for horses through the website.  This may feel alien to many, becoming a paying member in order to make contact with a seller, but on the whole you get what you pay for in life!  We have a wealth of quality horses, honestly advertised by owners who genuinely care about to whom their horse is sold.  Owners list their horses with us because of the application process we facilitate and they are not afraid to be explicit about whether their horse is “good to hack alone”, “good to load”, “good in traffic” or whether it has any vices making your job as a buyer or loaner considerably easier and reassuring.

All horses on the website are available so you will not be making applications for horses which are sold.  Owning or indeed loaning a horse is not an inexpensive pursuit, purchasing the wrong horse is an even bigger cost not to mention potentially dangerous, thus the price of our membership, when it results in you finding the horse suitable to your requirements, truly is worth a great deal more than £14.99.

Buyers and loaners on average apply for 3 horses with us during the course of the month and will often stay with us until their new equine friend is acquired.  They will receive email alerts of horses that meet their search criteria thus helping to ensure they can respond quickly when that perfect new horse comes available and saving them valuable time trawling websites. Do visit our testimonials page here to read for yourself the experience of many buyers with us.

Premier Membership Buyers and Sellers

Premier Membership @ £19.99 per month is for sellers who wish to have all the benefits of Gold Membership but also want to have their horses regularly bumped forward on the website and promoted through our very popular Facebook page, Instagram page and through our E Newsletter, sent out weekly to thousands of active buyers and loaners across the UK.   A tailored promotion is written based on the advert using images or video supplied and the horse will be promoted 3 times during the course of the month through these outlets.   Premier Member adverts therefore receive greater exposure and usually result in a quicker sale or loan and receive a greater number of applications to consider. For an extra £5 per month this is incredibly good value, particularly as there is no additional cost regardless of how many horses you advertise with us.  Premier Membership is also necessary for people who wish to both buy or sell a horse, ie have adverts and make applications.

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