Why Right Horse Right Home ?

How often as horse owners, when searching for a new horse, do we have to focus more on what isn’t said in an advert than what is?  Here at Right Horse Right Home we make finding the Right Horse easier, by asking the right questions at the outset, so people do not have to look at an advert to identify the omissions, and wonder whether owners have left out information innocently or intentionally.

How often, as owners, when selling or trying to find a suitable loaner for our horses, have we been inundated with contact from unsuitable candidates?  Phone calls, texts messages and contact through social media, from individuals who have not taken the time to read your advert fully, can frustrate horse owners. These individuals can waste time resulting in a horse being advertised longer than necessary  with cost implications.

Applications are of huge benefit to the serious buyer.  They reward the applicant by putting them a cut above those other individuals who may be interested but not sufficiently keen or committed to take the time and consideration to complete a detailed questionnaire about their potential home and experience. They are a process of information sharing between the owner and the potential buyer that enable owners to decide whether there is real merit in investing further time, money and emotion into inviting the applicant to visit the horse.

Completing applications, carrying out home checks, acquiring references and having robust agreements in place is standard best practice for equine charities rehoming horses of low financial value. There is no reason why the same, proven methods, cannot be replicated online for horses of any value, where individuals wish to honestly share information and efficiently seek out the Right Horse and Right Home.  By following this process, time and expense will be saved, the likelihood of disputes between individuals vastly reduced, and most importantly, the future welfare of the horse will be safeguarded.

Finding the Right Horse and Right Home is about transparency of information from both parties.  As such, those who participate fully will be rewarded by finding the Right Homes for their Horses and enable potential buyers and loaners to more easily and efficiently find the Right Horse.

Having previously established a successful online, national equine rehoming charity from 2010 to 2015, which went on to rehome more horses in 2014 than any other equine charity.  In 2016, Rebecca Evans along with fellow investor Cara Clasper, went on to develop an even better system using lessons learned, technology available and understanding the needs and wants of horse people.   Right Horse Right Home provides a streamlined, state of the art, user friendly website where the Right Horse and Right Home can be sourced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The new platform offers a unique listing criteria, search criteria and consumer choice built to scale.  Whilst Right Horse Right Home is not a charity,  Rebecca and her team continue to be committed to providing excellent customer service. To register to List a Horse, Apply for a horse or place a Wanted Advert please click here.


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  1. Tracy-Ann Neville

    on   said 

    I have a beautiful 17hh Belgian Warmblood who is now 13 but really hasn’t fulfilled his undoubted potential through no fault of his own. A real opportunity for someone who knows what they are doing. To cut a long story short, I over-horsed myself and I don’t know enough to cope with this horse. He has been ridden and evented by a talented young rider of 19 who has loved riding him, but he is off to university soon so I need to move my horse on. I just can’t face the usual wasted weeks of potential buyers who only want o have a day out riding other people’s horses. Can your organisation help? I am in Cambridgeshire.

    • Rebecca

      on   said 

      Hi Tracy, absolutely we can help you. The way we work is very different to other websites because your contact details are not visible to just anyone looking at your advert. If people are interested in your horse they have to apply for your horse through the website and join as a member. This demonstrates that they are serious about their enquiry and the process is very effective at deterring unscrupulous people and timewasters. Furthermore, the information they provide on their application is very detailed which helps considerably when deciding whether it is both persons interest to come and view/try the horse. We also work with you and applicants to help find the right horse and home. You are welcome to call us for more information or to talk about your horse in more detail on 01844 342672 or if you wish to simply go ahead and list your horse, please register and follow the steps to list a horse on the website. Kind Regards Rebecca

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