“I’ll have one receipt for me, and another for my husband…”

Amanda had been looking for her dream horse for a number of months. She faced the usual frustrations of not being able to find a horse that was quite right, or close enough, being faced with disappointing failed vettings, and other common factors that buyers dread when searching for a horse.

Right Horse Right Home allowed Amanda to feel more secure in searching for the perfect horse. After discussions with our CEO, Rebecca, Amanda agreed to apply for the beautiful Cruise, an impeccably mannered, gentleman of a horse, who, although slightly over her original budget, could well be her solid horse for life.

After speaking with Cruise’s owner, Amanda fell in love. Amanda felt confident in the process due to the thorough information that she as an applicant had to provide in order to apply for Cruise. This allowed her to see that she was buying from a genuine owner who also wanted the best for him.

After being successful in her application, Amanda had Cruise transported over to her home in Jersey, and she couldn’t be happier…

“Rebecca matched us with the most wonderful boy – an impeccably mannered, much loved home bred horse looking for a family home with his owner taking great care to ensure our suitability. We submitted an application along with references to support our application therefore ensuring peace of mind for both of us ! We would absolutely recommend Right Horse Right Home and can’t praise the kindness and genuine desire to support Rebecca has shown us … she’s one in a million !”

Cruise is a very lucky boy indeed to have found such a loving home, thanks to the thorough application process and the peace of mind for his old owner that applicants on the site are serious and keen buyers.

We think that the very best part of this story is, as we previously mentioned, Cruise was slightly over Amanda’s original budget, but that wouldn’t stop her going for her dream horse…. She made sure that she got one receipt for herself, and another (slightly rounded down) receipt for her husband!

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