Facebook Bans Selling of Horses – The Future of Advertising Horses For Sale

The End of Selling Horses Via Facebook

Facebook have started to enforce their community standards policy which does not allow the sale of animals on Facebook. They updated their policy in April 2019 and many individuals, group admins and companies that have previously been able to post horses for sale have found that their adverts have been removed and in some cases pages have been completely closed down.

This will come as a shock to some people and even more so to unscrupulous individuals who have used this ‘free’ advertising platform to advertise horses without any form of regulation. It can be a very dangerous place for the novice first time buyer to acquire a horse and even the experienced horse owner has had their fingers burned buying horses in this way.  It can be hard to search for horses via Facebook; to know where the horse is located, if it is still available and prices are also often left off.  That said there are some fantastic communities on Facebook that house likeminded enthusiasts for particular breeds and disciplines which I think will be much missed if we also lose these groups. I myself love the Connemara Facebook group, it holds some 25k+ members and if people are no longer allowed to sell horses on the group will it lose momentum and interest? 

Many people will now need to use alternative advertising platforms and choosing the right environment to advertise your horse and reach the right buyer is important, opting for the cheap or free advertising space can often be counter productive and risky.   If an owner cannot afford to or chooses not to pay for advertising, how much do they value the welfare of their horse, will they sell to the first person who comes along or do they genuinely want to find the  most suitable person for their horse?  Our experience suggests that people who pay for advertising, on the whole, are more responsible about who they sell to and how honest they are when describing their horse. They are also more respectful and courteous to the individual buyers who take an interest in their horse as it is an advert they have paid for and want good value from as it will expire at which point if the horse is not sold they would need to pay once more. 

Anyone wanting to search for horses that are honestly advertised with detailed descriptions by owners who sign up to our strict terms and conditions and unique compulsory horse behaviour tick boxes  then visit

How RHRH Benefits Sellers:

Right Horse Right Home offers an easier and more effective way to sell or loan your horse.  Your contact details, as owners, are kept private and only those who take the time and expense to apply for your horse will be put in contact with you.  This ‘application’ process has proven to be a very effective way to filter genuine buyers and loaners and seek out the most appropriate, suitable, long term home for your horse.

Applications Provide a Wealth of Information

Those who are seriously interested in your horse will apply via the website, supplying you, as the owner, with a wealth of information about the home they have to offer and the horse they are seeking.  Thus enabling you as the owner to more easily assess the potential suitability of your horse for the applicant safe in the knowledge that their interest is very genuine as they have gone to the lengths of paying to join in order to apply for your horse and completing the detailed form.  Applicants are eligible to apply for as many suitable horses as they wish during the term of their membership.

Unlimited Images and Video

When listing your horse with us not only will we assist you in writing your advert if you need us to but you can also upload unlimited images and video at no further cost to help maximise the attractiveness of your advert.

Horses Extensively Promoted

Our website receives in excess of 250,000 page views every month so your advert will be broadly viewed and automatically sent to our wanted advert authors whose search criteria match your horse.  However, choose our Premier Membership and your horse will be promoted extensively to help reach the widest possible audience, and therefore greatly increase their chance of finding the right home sooner. These adverts are marketed to our  1000’s of Wanted Adverts from all over the UK, as well as via our E Newsletter sent to tens of thousands of people and via our social media outlets.

Finding 5* Homes Everyday

The process facilitated by Right Horse Right Home has enabled many owners to find truly 5* Homes for their horses. Read some of our many success stories on our Testimonials page here. You can also read genuine accounts from horse owners who have successfully sold or loaned their horses through the website here.

Ruby – The horse of a lifetime finds a new home – April 2019

Lisa owned Ruby for 2 years and described her as a ‘horse of a lifetime’. Sadly having to sell, she came to RHRH and said:

Right Horse Right Home is an excellent service. It reduced my stress levels by 100%.

Selling a horse is very demanding as well as a heartbreaking task and I wanted to have as stream-lined approach as possible. RHRH helped to weasel out joyriders and me having to answer silly questions from people who weren’t really potential buyers. I would definitely use RHRH again and would highly recommend.”

Nicola who bought Ruby said “Simple and no time wasters”

Sharne – Owner of Maddie who was sold in April 2019

Fantastic service and support from Right Horse Right Home, would highly recommend them if you are looking to sell your horse.

Merlin – Ex Eventer Looking for Low Level Work – Sold April 2019

Merlin was an 18yo who was not ready to retire but needed a less competitive life. His owner Jo used our application process to ensure she found Merlin the absolute best new home, with Hannah!

Hannah said “Great Service, really good to actually get true input from people and only genuine interest/responses.”

Carly – Found Basilic a wonderful loan home in April 2019

“Fantastic service Great not to have to answer lots of unsuitable calls Super home found”

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