Horses Good to Hack Alone

Horses that are ‘Good To Hack Alone’ are very popular especially when people are looking for a new horse to buy or loan. We offer a unique search filter that allows you to search for horses that have been described by their owners as ‘good to hack alone’. This makes is so much easier to find the right horse for you.

Hacking alone is sometimes unavoidable by some and therefore finding a horse that is happy to be alone is key for everyone’s enjoyment, safety and pleasure. Equally, some people enjoy the freedom and peace of hacking alone, just them and their trusty steed in the countryside.

The dangers of riding alone are great and should not be taken lightly, whether you ride alone on roads, bridlepaths or fields. Any horse can spook, shy or have a bad experience whilst hacking and even those described as ‘Good To Hack Alone’ require a jockey that is equally competent at hacking alone.

Horses described as ‘Good To Hack Alone’ by their owners mean that the horse has been tried and tested in most situations and they deem the horse to be reasonable to hack alone, they do not nap or spook unnecessarily, they listen to their rider and enjoy hacking. These horses are usually very experienced at hacking and may have been taught to hack from a young age, following a lead horse and progressing to hacking alone with a confident rider who is aware and able to look out for dangers to avoid the horse having any ‘scary’ experiences that may affect them in the future. Some horses are naturally more spooky than others and therefore may find hacking alone stressful and this can be dangerous.

Horses that are good to hack alone may or may not be ‘Good with large, noisy vehicles’. If they have only experienced hacking on quiet bridleways, for example, they might not be so safe to hack on the roads. It is important to clarify with the owner the extent and level of hacking alone the horse has done.

As a rider, if riding and hacking alone is important to you, you can take part in several riding training programs to ensure you fully appreciate the requirements for hacking alone. These are:

The Pony Club Road Rider Test – The aim of the Road Rider Test is to promote safety on the road.

The BHS Ride Safe Aware  “Ride Safe gives you the confidence to ride in the environments you are most often faced with, keeping you and your horse safe.”

Other tips:

  • Always wear brightly-coloured reflective and fluorescent clothing on both you and your horse, no matter what time of day, season, or weather conditions.
  • Make sure you have valid third-party public liability insurance cover, which can be obtained through a broker or specialist insurance provider.
  • For more information, read this informative leaflet. 

We also offer safety equipment that should be considered if you ride alone:

Ridersmate – the world’s only dedicated GPS safety and tracking device that automatically texts your loved ones in the event of an accident!



Zhoods – Brings high visibility into your everyday yard wardrobe, so you will never be caught out again without your high viz jacket.





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