Solar Stable Lighting – The Future of Winter

The Future of Winter - Solar Lighting for The Stables

The winter months can be a dark and miserable time for us horse owners. It’s dark in the morning and dark earlier in the evenings and if you have stables without any lighting it can be even more trying. Mucking out with a head torch and the batteries run out or trying to change rugs in the dark can test even the most dedicated horse owner.

Not everyone has the luxury of a purpose built american barn with lighting, hot and cold running water, solariums etc. Some of us have portable field shelters or stables in the middle of a field and our horses are just as well cared for but the reality of being able to install lighting is unrealistic. Solar stable lighting from Solarhub have created the solution! Affordable solar lighting designed for equestrians. Easy to fit and install and it also comes with USB ports for charging phones too.

Don’t let the dark winter get you down, instal the Solarhub and light up the winter.

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