Right Horse Right Home has teamed up with Ridersmate - the world’s only dedicated GPS safety and tracking device that automatically texts your loved ones in the event of an accident!




Invest in Ridersmate and get the security and peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ll never be left injured or stranded, wherever your adventures take you.

Should you ever be separated from your ride following a fall or accident, Ridersmate will automatically send an SMS text message to up to three of your key contacts.

The second you fall off your ride and suffer a serious injury, the clock starts ticking. Now, it’s a race against time to provide you with the expert, specialist medical care you need.

It’s what’s known as ‘The Golden Hour’ – that crucial first 60 minutes after an accident when it’s absolutely vital that you receive effective treatment. Failure to receive treatment inside this hour can be disastrous, significantly impacting on your likely survival rate and recovery outcome.

When you fall off, Ridersmate springs into action. You can relax, safe in the knowledge that your loved ones know exactly where you are, and that medical experts are on their way to help you as quickly as possible.


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RRP £279.00 + P&P + SIM card = £297

12 Months Warranty and 30 days Returns Policy

However experienced and proficient a rider you are, there’s always the chance that you could fall off and suffer a serious injury, and if you’re alone when that happens, you could be in serious trouble.

In fact, an alarmingly high proportion (around 50%!) of people who fall off their horses suffer an incapacitating injury that would prevent them from getting back to safety, or using their phone to call for emergency assistance.

Operating the Ridersmate safety features couldn’t be simpler — the unit attaches easily to your ride, with a detachable jack plug that tethers to your belt loop or clothing.

Should you fall off your ride, the jack plug will detach itself from the Ridersmate unit, automatically sending out an emergency message to your chosen contacts. To cancel the response, you can simply reattach the jack plug to the unit, which will send a second message.

RIDERSMATE – from the horse’s mouth

  • Ride safely, anywhere – worldwide GPS location tracking to 1 metre accuracy.
  • One Ridersmate for all rides, whatever you ride.
  • Automatic emergency messaging – texts your loved ones if you have a serious accident,
  • SOS button if you feel threatened.
  • 60 second window – if you detach Ridersmate accidentally it won’t send a message.
  • Auto emergency message cancellation should you re-attach.
  • Use a simple pre-pay or pay as you go SIM card [SIM card NOT included – see note below].
  • No monthly ongoing fees.
  • Constantly tracks your speed, location, heading, time and altitude.
  • Record, save and replay/share your adventures at www.ridersmate.com.
  • Easy fitting – attaches quickly to any frame, saddle or ride.
  • Simple operation – 2 minute set-up via your mobile phone or via your login at www.ridersmate.com.
  • Lightweight & durable – so it won’t slow you down.
  • 18+ hour battery life – for a full day’s ride.
  • When not riding, slip Ridersmate under your seat/saddle and set a geo-fence via text. Should someone steal your ride you will receive an alert text message and be able to track its location.
  • Horse riders: if your ride bolts and you are not in the saddle, easily track the location of your horse.

Note: A SIM card with credit is required for Ridersmate to work(not included). Source a SIM card from your local network provider, PAYG, pre-pay, contract are all suitable. Ridersmate will work on any network anywhere in the world. Contact us if you need advice, we’ll be happy to help and can provide SIM cards suitable across all networks.

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  1. Kathryn Blades (verified owner)

    Arrived very quickly , very well made really good customer service will be recommending to friends

  2. Cara

    Excellent device for added peace of mind when hacking alone or even schooling. I can happily set off knowing that in the event of me falling help will be on it’s way. Every rider should have one!

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