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For Sale £995 Teddy
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This is an honest advert for a very honest pony.

Teddy is an approx 12hh (sorry not measured) grey Welsh Mountain pony. Aged 11 years.

We brought teddy from a family riding home about 5 years ago for my young niece to ride during her summer holidays with us, however, she showed little interest in riding (but loved to groom him) and as we had the space and acres for him, we decided to keep him anyway.

He has literally been a content “field ornament” since we’ve had him. He has lived out quite happily with other horses and ponies and literally lives on fresh air. We’ve never had to rug him (although he has worn a rug in the past) as he grows a fantastic winter coat. He happily lives on just hay throughout the winter months (no hard feed) and maintains his weight and condition. Has never suffered any ailments or illnesses and never seen a vet.

He has never kicked, bolted, reared, or refused anything we have asked him to do.

He has worn a saddle – although nobody has ridden him in the past 5 years. We have plonked a couple of kids on him bare-back whilst taking him for walks up the lanes and he’s behaved impeccably. He leads nicely – no pulling or boisterous behaviour.

He doesn’t wear shoes and has good feet. Picks up his feet nicely. He’s mostly OK with the farrier although on the odd occasion will move around / away / snatch his foot away when he’s unsure but has never been nasty to the farrier. We have a very patient farrier anyway !!!

Being a pony we have always watched his weight closely especially during Spring and Summer – and we always strip graze his field. He has never had laminitis, but does tend to get a fat crest and round rump if we don’t reduce his grazing. So limited grazing during these months is highly recommended.

His coat grows snow white in winter and turns dapple grey during the summer months.

He has a lovely sweet temperament and doesn’t have a horrid bone in his body. A very sweet pony with a sensitive nature. His main “issue” – if you can call it that – is that he IS a sensitive soul. He can get unsure and hesitant with new people, new surroundings, etc. We’ve always moved a bit slower around him and give him time to take things in and he’s been absolutely fine. He doesn’t like to be rushed and appreciates your patience. On a couple of occasions he didn’t want to be caught / headcollared (especially when the farrier was coming !!!) so we just gave ourselves an extra 10 minutes to coax him over. Therefore any new owner will need to be aware of that and take things in HIS stride rather than theirs. He will need time to adjust and learn his new routine and become accustomed to new sounds, smells, voices, etc.

We’ve hardly spent any training time with him at all and therefore if he was put into a different environment with people / children / noises around him all the time, given time, his “sensitive” side I am sure would disappear. He needs to be encouraged to be brave and rewarded accordingly. Needs encouraging to try new things and given the time for his brain to compute these things. I can only comment on his “now” personality and behaviour and how he behaves with us. Any person or animal would change in a different environment and with the right person……

He currently lives with us in a very quiet rural area so cannot vouch for his reaction to cars, lorries, bikes, dog walkers etc.

He lives with another pony who does bully him a bit but he just moves away and doesn’t retaliate – just keeps his distance. He did live with a shetland pony for a while and became the “boss” of that relationship – so he has experienced both sides of the coin and is fine with either.

We have only had to load him twice since we’ve owned him – and he loaded fine both times and travelled well.

We are in no rush to sell him and to be honest it was a very hard decision for us to try and find him a new home. We have never sold any of our horses before. We love all our animals and make a pact to keep them for life once they arrive into our large animal family. However, we have made the very tough decision to downsize our horse herd and we have two ponies who we feel would benefit from actually doing something different with their lives and Teddy is one of them.

My ideal home for Teddy would be a patient loving horse savvy family where he can experience new things and be loved by both adults and children and go on new adventures with them. He does need someone experienced with horses and horse body language to bring him “back into work” slowly but surely. He’s not green or unbroken – just needs reminding how it feels to be saddled and bridled and ridden again !! He’s happy to stand and be groomed – although this has been done by one quiet child and by 2 adults. He’s never had jumping screaming excited children running around him before but I’m sure he would become acclimatised to this if this was his new environment !!! But he’s also equally happy to hang out in a field for a few weeks with a horsey friend and have nothing done with him.

I appreciate a “dealer” may be interested in buying him, bringing him back into work and then selling him on. I am OK with that too – as long as the dealer is “human” and has the best interests of Teddy at heart first and foremost before profit. A dealer who will take the time to re-educate him and bring him on without rushing him.

I am happy to answer any questions and no-obligation viewings are welcome.  Based near Welshpool in mid-wales.

Behaviour and Suitability

  • Can live out all year
  • Does not crib, weave or windsuck
  • Good to catch
  • Good to load
  • Good to tie up, groom and tack up
  • Good with children
  • Private Sale
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