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Thoroughbred Project Mare - Angus - Scotland

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For Sale £3,000 Tally

Sold from the field as not in any regular work. Sad decision as Teenage daughter lost interest and need to do what’s best for Tally.
Tally has shown some great promise when she was in regular work ,Tally has attended dressage with a friend and came 3rd great start !
Can pop a jump and enjoys this when in work and had muscle built up.
Tally loads into our trailer to transport.
Tally lives on a busy livery yard in Angus and is happy around all traffic including tractors and large machinery.
Up to date with worming, vaccinations, teeth (gets sedated for dentist)
& feet (currently shoes on front only,have had all 4 in past when in work)
Tally is stabled at night but likes company of other horses. can live out in summer months . Currently turned out in a field to herself with horse neighbours
Tally has good breeding but Tally has never raced so not ROR eligible
I feel Tally will be best suited to a knowledgeable committed owner who will be able to slowly and considerately bring her back to work.
When in consistent work Tally works well with her walk trot and canter
Very responsive from voice and leg only require when schooling.
Tally takes a while to get to know people but when she trust you the fun can be endless.
Tally is a sensitive typical thoroughbred therefore not suitable for novice.
Tally takes her confidence from her human so if you are worried there is a reason to be worried in her mind ! Calm quiet confident rider required.
She has previously popped a buck on occasion , also when she gets pushed too far without the correct command she can have a tantrum, on occasion Tally has been far too excited and has had a wee rear.
Happy to catch from field
Tally has stable manners and is completely safe to be around her. When tied up outside her stable she dances if not getting attention but will stand very happily to be groomed and bathed.
Tally has had a quieter time now since my daughter isn’t interested in riding and has only been ridden occasionally the last few months. Tally is not at full fitness and this is reflected in her price and also the reason I’m selling her as a project from field.
Tally has been scoped 3 times for ulcers treated and given the all clear. Happy to share vet records.
5 ⭐️ home only she’s been part of the family and I have grown very fond of her. Homes will be viewed and checked for suitability no rush until right home found.
Scotland, Angus

Behaviour and Suitability

  • Good to catch
  • Good to load
  • Good to shoe
  • Good with children
  • Good with dogs
  • Good with noisy/large vehicles
  • Private Sale
  • Tack Available
  • Vaccinations up to date
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