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Registered Connemara Gelding - East Sussex - South East England

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For Sale £5,500 Paddy
14.2hGelding7 Years Old2 Years Owned  Add to Favorites Apply for this horse Print ID: 195090

Tentatively looking for a new home for my daughters gorgeous pony Paddy, however he will only go to the perfect home or he’ll be staying with us. Only thinking of selling as my daughter has lost interest. 14.2h, 7 year old (feb 2015) grey registered Connemara by Lonsdale Legend. Barefoot and trimmed by an Equine Podiatrist. A sweet gentle pony with a little sensitive side on the ground so would suit a kind owner/family. Never dangerous or bolshy. Been handled daily and independently by my novice daughter since she was 12 and even my non horsey husband brings him to and from the field. Very good to ride, open spaces, roads etc. Can very occasionally have a baby spook/look on road, but never anything nasty. Never spins. He’s extremely good for a young pony and very laid back to ride. Has hacked alone, but he usually has to accompany our other horse who is not so confident, so not done much hacking independently.

Will happily plod out or will go forward if asked, but more of a leg on pony. Never strong. My 10 year old non riding son rides him out hacking on the lead and off lead in the school. Has mainly been hacking, which he loves, with lots of groundwork in-between and gentle schooling. This approach has given him time to mature mentally and physically, which he really needed.

He is still young so no complete novices but my main priority it someone who is kind. Up to date with teeth, vacs. Loads and travels well. He does like to balance standing wide behind and seems to prefer rear facing, so a forward facing trailer is not ideal for him. He’ll still load happily into a trailer and he was only 4 when we last tried him, so with a little patience and time he may be ok. We had a 3.5t horsebox and he travels well in that and also rear facing trailers like Equi Trek. Good to clip, trim, but we have sedated for teeth.

In August 2021, Paddy was x-rayed and we discovered he had boney changes in the hock. We investigated as he can be lazy in the school and occasionally shows unlevel behind, but seems to warm up out of it, when schooling. Initially we thought it was just baby asymmetry, weakness. Always happy out hacking. We scanned/x-rayed suspensory ligaments, ligaments going into foot, stifles, fetlock, back, pelvis etc etc, and these were all good.

My ideal home would be a home for life, with turnout, living with friends. A person who takes a more holistic approach to horse care. Paddy currently comes in at night. Ideally to stay barefoot as he has the most fabulous feet. He has a set of hoof boots to hack out with. Paddy would suit an older petite lady wanting to gently hack out, but he also loves children, but I would not want a Pony Club type home for him. Would also suit a companion home, but where he can also do groundwork, liberty etc. We are kind, gentle horse owners and this is what I’d like him to have in his next home. We just want him to be someone’s number one and get the love and attention he deserves. Would prefer weight of rider to be under 10 stone. He has so much to give to the right person. This is a really hard decision as we love him dearly and he’s a very special pony, but if there’s someone out there that can offer him more than we can, I’d be willing to let him go. Recently had a new Andrea Hicks saddle professionally fitted that I’d like to go with him as fits him beautifully, RRP £2k and included in the sale.

Behaviour and Suitability

  • Does not crib, weave or windsuck
  • Good to catch
  • Good to clip
  • Good to hack alone
  • Good to hack in company
  • Good to load
  • Good to shoe
  • Good to tie up, groom and tack up
  • Good with children
  • Good with dogs
  • Private Sale
  • Suitable for a novice
  • Suitable for light schooling only
  • Tack Available
  • Vaccinations up to date
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