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Quirky Irish Draught Project mare for long term loan - Surrey - South East England

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For Loan Flower
16hMare8 Years Old3 Years Owned  Add to Favorites Apply for this horse Print ID: 194662

Quirky 8yo 16hh Irish Draft Mare for long term loan.

Project mare with the potential to be a great all rounder! Green in the school but learns very quickly, has previously jumped but not for the last couple years. Extremely bold and will turn her head to anything. Happy to hack alone or in company.

She is NOT a novice ride. When in full work can have the odd spook, jog and be excitable but that is pretty much it. 100x better behaved than when she’s not in regular work, So please bare that in mind when you read below 👇

When not in work she can be a bit of a madam! Is definitely a project at the moment as has probably only been ridden 3-4 times in the last month. She’s not the sort of horse you can leave for a week and expect to get back on as if she’s had no time off! Can throw a small buck when fresh, or what I like to call a small ‘bunny hop’ type thing (mainly in the school cantering as gets stroppy when she finds it hard), she’s can also be quite a hot horse and has been described as ‘busy’. Again, Can have the odd spook but still wouldn’t call her a spooky horse. She has a lot of energy out hacking when she’s had time off, her sharer said she can feel explosive and will try to jog, or go into canter from trot but it hasn’t amounted to anything and she said she found it fairly easy to bring her back.

Unfortunately, due to no fault of her own (sharer didn’t have enough time for her), Flower has not been in much work the last 1-2months. She loves having a person and is the sort of horse that thrives on 1-1 attention and needs to be in regular work. Because of that, and the fact she’s not getting it, I have made the really hard decision to put her up for loan.

I am looking for someone who is looking for a project and would eventually like to do a bit of everything with her. She LOVES jumping and hacking. Could pull off a nice dressage test too eventually. Long term only as don’t want her to keep moving around. Someone confident and competent but also kind and sympathetic.

Must be within an hour of the Churt, Surrey area and be able to provide references. Will want to see where she’s going and there will be a contract in place.

Behaviour and Suitability

  • Can live out all year
  • Does not crib, weave or windsuck
  • Good to catch
  • Good to clip
  • Good to hack alone
  • Good to hack in company
  • Good to load
  • Good to tie up, groom and tack up
  • Good with children
  • Good with noisy/large vehicles
  • Tack Available
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Quirky Irish Draught Project mare for long term loan
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