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Lovely Hack / Dressage Horse for full loan or share - Lincolnshire - East Midlands

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For Loan Montana
15.2hMare14 Years Old13 Years Owned  Add to Favorites Apply for this horse Print ID: 79111

Montana is an ID x part paint 14 year old mare who I’ve owned since a yearling.  Due to my recently having a baby, she is available for full loan to move yards up to 2 hrs away for the right home or can be shared or loaned from her current yard.

She is well schooled and was backed by an enlightened equitation coach and we had continued regular lessons with her also. Because of this she is nice and responsive to your seat and position. She would do well getting out to some dressage competitions but lack of transport has stopped us doing that for a few years, she has done in hand and under saddle showing at local level but don’t think she would affiliate as has a scar on her hind cannon from an injury as a foal before she came to me.

We’ve also done holiday and beach rides, and pleasure rides. She does lateral work in hand and ridden, she lunges and long lines, does in hand work and is clicker trained. She will hack alone and in company although on her own she is forward and can be a show off to other horses she comes across but is never naughty or dangerous in any way. She can jump but it’s never something we worked on so isn’t as well schooled in this area. She is good to shoe, clip and catch, used to be good to box but in the interest of honesty I wouldn’t like to say she still is as we haven’t loaded for a good few years now although I can’t see why it would be an issue.  I’ve spent a lot of time with manners and ground work; if you hold the bridle out open in front of her she will open her mouth and lower her head to take the bit for example.

I’m now looking for a lovely loan home for her as I had my first baby a few months ago and the hope of me getting regular riding time just didn’t pan out and she really is wasted as a field ornament. She can be disrespectful of temporary fencing, so it needs to be high and she needs to know it’s on, but that said she is generally fine as long as she has food available! There are some old videos on you tube, and hopefully the pictures give a sense of her. Riding and potential homes will be assessed and ideally I wouldn’t want her going too far as she is my fur baby who I’ve had virtually her whole life so this is not an easy decision for me. Would also be open to a share agreement if local riders would like to apply.

Behaviour and Suitability

  • Can live out all year
  • Does not crib, weave or windsuck
  • Good to catch
  • Good to clip
  • Good to hack alone
  • Good to hack in company
  • Good to load
  • Good to shoe
  • Good to tie up, groom and tack up
  • Good with children
  • Good with noisy/large vehicles
  • Tack Available
  • Vaccinations up to date
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