Horse Trailer Camera

Horse Trailer Camera

A camera system for stress-free horse transport

Loading and transporting horses can be a stressful time for both horse and owner and a wireless device such as a horse trailer camera observation system can be that additional reassurance required.

It is not just competition horses that will need to be transported, any horse may at some point in their life need to visit a vet hospital in an emergency or to move yards. It is important that during these times that everyone involved can be as calm and stressfree as possible. The TrailerCam 5D is a wireless horse trailer camera system designed specifically for horse transport that allows you to monitor the inside of your trailer/horsebox at all times.

How to Help Reduce Stress During Transport

Horses can move about a lot in a lorry, and it can get quite warm. Ventilation is important, and all windows should always be open, even on cold days. A haynet to keep the horse occupied will always be appreciated, and may help the horse travel better.

Many people choose to travel horses without boots, although some insurance companies stipulate that horses must be travelled in boots, so it is always worth checking this.

There are several types of horse transport options, a trailer, a 3.5T horsebox, 7.5ton horse box and bigger. The type of vehicle chosen will depend on when you passed your driving test, how many horses you need to transport, and the type of horses you want to travel. Whichever option you have, it is not legal or advisable for safety reasons to be in the horse area during travel.

Some horses can kick and bang around a lot when moving and the quickest, safest and best way to establish if your horse is OK is by using the TrailerCam 5D which gives you a high quality view of your horse.

What is the Trailer Cam 5D?trailercambox

A wireless camera system – interference-free, instant high-quality video transmission. Gain peace of mind from knowing that you will always spot problems as they happen, and reduce the stress on your horse through fewer interruptions. TrailerCam 5D automatically connects up to 4 cameras, making it easy to combine a camera inside the trailer with a reversing camera on the outside of the trailer. Equipped with night-vision, TrailerCam 5D is made for long drives. Rugged design, built to last, water-resistant, and comes with a 3-year warranty*.

  • Easy to use
  • High-quality video
  • Wide-angle lens – see the whole trailer
  • Wireless that works!
  • Easy installation
  • Interference-free digital video with instant transmission
  • Night-vision
  • Rugged, water-resistant design (IP66)
  • 3-year warranty (With online registration)

If you want to transport your horse with peace of mind then invest in a Trailer Cam and take the guess work out of what your horse is doing int he back on the box.

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