“He is my Mr Perfect” – Ex Competition Horse Finds His Perfect Match

The gorgeous Barney was listed with us in November 2022 as a 16 year old ex competition horse seeking a quieter life. Barney had enjoyed a fun life of Eventing, Pony Club, Riding Club, NSEA and was quite the school master with impeccable manners. Due to arthritis that was being well managed with steroid injections, it was time for Barney to slow down and enjoy a more comfortable and relaxed ridden life. Many horses go on to have long and happy ridden lives with careful management of arthritis. 

Barney’s previous owner received a very detailed, thoughtful application from Iain, who explained his circumstances and the home he could offer. Iain is lucky enough to have his own fields and facilities adjacent to his home in the beautiful New Forest. Iain was looking for a quality horse to care for and enjoy safe and relaxed hacking with. Temperament was very important – he wanted a horse that knew themselves and had seen the world. Barney’s previous owner, Sarah, got in touch with Iain and after a successful meeting, Iain went on to buy Barney. Barney now lives in the New Forest with Iain, his partner, and their other horses. 

Fast forward 6 months, and Iain has been in touch to tell us how Barney is his ‘Mr Perfect’. He hasn’t put a hoof wrong and Iain is thrilled to have found him through Right Horse Right Home. 

I just wanted to take a minute to update you with Mr Delicious, his passport name as advertised on your website, stable name Barney. He has been with me for 6 months and I truly could not have found a better horse, he is my Mr Perfect. We have a great relationship on the ground and under saddle, he has revelled in 24/7 turnout which we have always believed is the most natural way to keep our horses and I love him to bits (please bear in mind this is a 62 year old man saying this!

Whilst I was always diligent in looking at horses on Righ Horse Right Home, I have not forgotten that you sent me a personal email alerting me to his advertisement, I cannot thank you enough.

In more than 30 years we have never sold a horse. When their riding days are over they stay with us in peaceful retirement. Barney is in his forever home and I am looking forward to many years ahead with my friend.”

We are absolutely thrilled that Iain and Barney have such a strong partnership and we are sure they will continue to enjoy many more ridden years together. 

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