Beautiful Friesian X Loan Horse Finds Loving New Home

Jo, the owner of Prada, a beautiful Friesian X  mare came to Right Horse Right Home to help find her beautiful 19year old mare a new home. Jo and Prada have been together for 15 years but with Jo having a new baby and less time, she felt that Prada would benefit from a loan home where someone had time, love and the experience to look after Prada. Ideally Jo wanted to find someone who could take her hacking a few times a week as she loves to work and get out an about, maybe even some veteran classes.

From submitting her initial advert, RHRH helped Jo with asking for additional information and offering advice from personal experience. Jo had been thinking of finding Prada a loan home for some time but was finding the whole situation quite stressful. Once she was listed on the RHRH website her worries were diminished considerably.

Thanks so much for your help you have made something quite stressful now seem much more positive and exciting!

Jo received 12 super applications which she carefully considered and went to visit the prospective new loan home to see for herself that it was suitable.

Jo found what she felt was a wonderful new home for Prada and despite it being a very emotional time was happy that Prada would be well cared for by a likeminded person and that Prada’s needs would always come first.

“I cannot recommend Right Horse Right Home highly enough. I was struggling with the decision to advertise my horse for loan due to a new baby and lack of time and feeling very apprehensive about the process. Cara was amazing in putting my mind at ease and discussing her own personal experience of loaning which really helped reassure me I had made the right decision and was doing what was best for my horse.
I had many high quality, lovely applicants and eventually found a perfect loan home where I hope my girl with thrive. The whole process was very easy and the quality of applicants was fantastic which I think is testament to how the site operates and screens members. It was so helpful to read detailed descriptions of each applicant before deciding which to pursue further and saved a lot of time and effort which as a busy new mum was much appreciated! Really delighted with the whole experience and would not hesitate to encourage anyone who loves their horse but needs to find them a suitable new home for whatever reason to use this service. It really does help alleviate the stress of the whole process and gives you the best possible chance to find an amazing new home for your beloved horse.”

If you are thinking about loaning your much loved horse then do use RHRH as a safer, easier way to source the very best loan home.

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