5 Ways to Keep Your Horse Obsessed Partner Happy

If you have an equine lover in your life, you know how important horses are to them. They’ll likely spend several hours a week pampering their beloved equine partners. Though you might not understand your partner’s horse obsession, to them, their horses are everything.

Taking interest in your partner’s love for horses will mean a lot to them. Just because you might not be into riding yourself doesn’t mean you can’t connect with them over horses. Here are five ways to keep your horse obsessed partner happy.

1. Offer to be Her Groom at a Horse Show

If your partner shows horse, she will have dedicated many hours to practicing. A lot of hard work goes into showing including hours of practice, cleaning tack, grooming and preparing. A great way to bond with your partner and help them out is to be her groom at a horse show.

Before the show, have your partner teach you how to groom horses and get them show ready, as it takes several steps. Being her groom at a horse show will be a welcomed surprise. Having a clean horse is vital if you are showing, so if you help groom her horse you are doing her a huge favor.

2. Buy Her a Horse-Themed Gift

You can’t go wrong with buying your equine loving partner a horse-themed gift. She will love it if you buy her stuff for her horse, like a new set of brushes or a grooming tote. You can even treat her to a new pair of riding pants or boots. If you want any help looking for the right gift, Horsey Hooves have a useful horse gift guide.

If you want to take it up a notch, buy her something custom. Get her a bracelet with her horse’s name on it or a custom phone case with a photo of her horse on it. You can get lots of other gifts customized like brushes, garment carries, bridle bags and photo frames that she would love.

If you are unsure of what horse gift to buy her, get her a gift card to her favorite tack store. She will have a great time choosing stuff to buy.

3. Take More Interest in Her Horses and Visit the Stable Yard with Her

Though it may seem simple, going to the stables with her to visit her horses will mean a lot to your partner. You don’t have to ride if you’re not comfortable with it, just being there with her shows you care. Equestrians love it when you show any amount of interest in their passion.

While you are at the stables with her, you can have her show you how to groom and tack up a horse. This is a great way to bond with your partner and her horses. Take the time to watch her ride and even offer to help clean her tack afterwards; just be sure not to get in her way where you could annoy her by accident.

Even when you are not at the stables with her, take the time to get to understand her love for horses better. Ask her about what breed of horse she has, what discipline she rides and what her favorite horse memories are. If she competes, try to go to her horse competitions as often as you can and watch her compete to show your support.

4. Take Photos and Videos of Her With Her Horses

If you’ve ever looked at a horse owner’s camera roll on their phone, it’s full of photos of their horses. Horse people love to take photos when they are at the barn but they don’t often get photos of them with their horses. Your partner will love it if you take photos of her and her horses together.

She will also appreciate it if you take videos of her riding. This will help her out if there’s anything she is trying to work on with her riding. If she competes, it will mean a lot to her if you take a video of her ride so she can watch it afterwards.

5. Be Understanding of Her Relationship With Her Horses

If she tells you she will be at the stables for two hours, don’t actually expect her to be home in two hours. Most horse owners tend to lose track of time while they are at the yard, so two hours can quickly turn into four hours. Spending time riding and with horses can be therapeutic for many, so your partner isn’t trying to ignore you when she is with her horses, she is just cherishing their time together.

It is important to understand this is her passion and she has dedicated a lot of time to it. Though it may be hard at times for someone who doesn’t have horses, it is important to be understanding of the time, money and dedication horse owners put in.

Part of being with a horse-obsessed partner is accepting that some days she may come home late from the stables covered in dirt, sweat, shavings and smell strongly of horse. Though to you this might be gross, to her it’s no big deal. Just remember she loves you and her horses and any time she gets to spend with both is valuable to her.

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